This is one of the biggest weeks, astrologically speaking, of this entire year. If you were to read back over my daily posts posts throughout this time (see Daily Astro Alerts for info about my daily subscription), you would absolutely recognize in my words an enormous sense of hope and delight in the expansion of consciousness that is happening RIGHT NOW.

And then we are asked to do the near-impossible. Our world demands that we incorporate into this idea of things getting bigger and better something so senseless and tragic. How could a world so filled with Good contain something so Evil? Does this terrible act mean that we are wrong to say that consciousness is unfolding toward more Light?

Remember that when the Light increases, the Shadow becomes long, sharp and very very clear. And so here we are, basking in the ever-increasing Light and there is the Shadow, revealing itself with a clarity that grows exponentially. Each of us has a role in moving toward and dissolving that Shadow. I believe that it happens for the Planetary Being at the level of the individual and so I devote my entire life to that process. I do this because I know who I Am.

Your job is to find your way and do it. Do it publically. Or privately. In the classroom, or perhaps at the grocery store. Possibly you usher in Peace for Humanity in the pages of your journal, or maybe you turn your pen toward writing your congressperson. Maybe you are an activist who shouts words of protest at the top of your lungs, or it could be that you are the sensitive empath who stays home and weeps for the pains of a world gone mad.

THERE IS NO ONE WAY TO DO THIS. And there is no escaping your responsibility to find your way and do it with all your might. When in doubt, start right where you are, inside your own consciousness where your Heart and Mind are probably still at war with each other. Find Peace there, and it will reflect out into the world and begin to bring it on a global level; incrementally and irrevocably over time.