August 2022

July 2022

New Moon in Leo July 28, 2022

July 27th, 2022|New Moon|

At 10:54am PDT, the Moon will Conjunct the Sun, and we move through a powerhouse that is this New Moon in Leo. We are in consideration of our unique gifts and talents in Leo. Ruled by the Sun, this fifth sign of the zodiac invented all the joys of life in a body. ...

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022

July 12th, 2022|Full Moon|

The Full Moon in Capricorn hits today at 11:37am PDT. We are in the Cancer mansion, and so our conscious focus is on self-care, restoration, and having a deep understanding how to get our needs met. We place value on home, family, and all the ways we prepare ourselves behind the scenes to ...

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