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Daily Astro Alert Subscription Series!

I offer a daily subscription to offer inspiration and guidance from the astrological movement of the planets sent to your email box every day. These detailed posts are delivered at 9:00pm Pacific Time the night before so you can plan your day with the astrological weather at your fingertips. It's only $8 per month and

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Autumnal Equinox and New Moon in Libra!!

Equinox means equal and is the time when daylight and darkness are of the same length. Therefore it is fitting that the Autumnal Equinox has the Sun moving into Libra, the very archetype that embodies the idea of harmony. This is one of two moments in the solar cycle where we are in fact at

Life Is Just A Dream – Part 1

We use the same word to describe the mystical phenomenon that happens during sleep and the aspirations that we hold for our unfolding lives. I had a dream. I have a dream. Additionally, we are told of a spiritual principle that invites us to view life itself as a dream, unfolding magnificently in a way

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New Moon In Cancer – June 27th!

The New Moon in Cancer is upon us, so prepare for starting a new cycle in the realm of self-care, nurturance, the home and matters of intimacy. These are all areas of life that are governed by this archetype and the Feminine Principle at the most personal level. Cancer is the first of the water

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