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Full Moon in Capricorn – July 7, 2017

Who would I be if it weren’t for hyperbole? I remember how much The Boy Who Cried Wolf impacted me as a child, and yet, here I am about to tell you that this is one of the most powerful Full Moons I’ve ever witnessed as an astrologer. It is significant in a very specific way with regard to a) choice and b) purification or release. As we move through life, it can often be so difficult to let go of ways we operate that truly don’t serve us. Our patterns are installed so deeply that, even when we are well aware of how much they interfere with our Joy and serenity, they can emerge again and again and cause us to suffer. We count on times like this where the Universe is in full support of us completely transforming how we move about our consciousness, and this Full Moon is such a moment.

Of course, we have to do the work. It isn’t magic, and in the lather/rinse/repeat sensibility of how Wisdom is accumulated, the emphasis is most certainly on the third directive. Shampoo bottles everywhere ought to be reprinted as to say, lather, rinse, and repeat-forever-in-a-relentless-fashion. Astrology maps out times when the Universe meets us on this journey with specific support to do the difficult. And one of the best uses of the lunar cycle is to respond to the movement of the cosmos with ritual.

What I love about ritual is that the unconscious mind does not know the difference between what is being created in our imaginations, and what is in the outside world. This is why it is so important to make sure your mind is consistently focused on what you want, as opposed to what you don’t want, and on gratitude over complaint. In the same way, when you ritualize what you are releasing and dropping down the side of the mountain as you ascend to higher levels of consciousness, the unconscious accepts that intention as absolute Truth.

I use this imagery because this Full Moon is ruled by Saturn, whose sign is Capricorn, the goat who climbs to the top of any mountain, where the summit is akin to the highest vantage point we can achieve in human form. The Sun is in Cancer, and so we are more aware right now about what our needs are, and are willing to go the extra step to make sure we are taking care of ourselves in the best way possible. Mercury (the Mind) and Venus (the Heart) are in perfect alignment (Sextile) to work together in their most effective way possible. This helps us choose where we’re going and guides of effectively in terms of how to get there. Mercury in Leo helps us be big and bold in our expression, and Venus is Gemini helps us stay in our Hearts, but still operate with our Mind that is, ultimately, the navigator.

But far and away, the most powerful element of this Full Moon is the placement of Pluto. He is Conjunct the Moon in Capricorn and this transit’s capacity to helps us release and leave behind that which no longer serves us has the supremacy of the Lord of the Underworld in tow. This alignment has helped shape this past month and make it as intense as it has been, and right now we get to see the benefit we have been cultivating. Conversely, if there is anything you have been hiding from yourself, it won’t likely stay hidden through this, because the doors to the basement where Shadow is kept are thrown wide open by the light of this Full Moon. One of the ways that Pluto always plays out his dynamic is through power and authority; who has it, who covets it, and who is projecting it onto someone else. This would be a good time to make sure that if you feel threatened in any interaction in your life, you look at your own part and remembering that Shadow always shows up first as an aversion for what someone else is bringing to the table.

And, of course, we get to choose how we respond to everything and how we decide to move forward. And the mechanism of big choice opportunities in astrology is best illustrated by the Finger of God, where two planets (or points) are operating in their most effective relationship – 60 degrees – and a third point splits the difference and creates an Opposition between them. The Sextile portion of this Finger of God is between the South Node and Saturn, the point that holds our past and our Kharma on the one hand, and the Lord of Kharma on the other. Talk about letting go of the past! And the Opposition point on the other side of the cosmos is the Sun in Cancer and Mars the Great Activator. By virtue of what we are now fully aware of (the Sun) and our willingness to put that into action (Mars) we can work effectively with our past (South Node) and step up to a higher level of discipline and responsibility (Saturn).

But remember that the Sun has ITS Opposition today, with the Moon and Pluto on the other side, halfway between the South Node and Saturn. This takes the way-pointing arrow of the Finger of God, and makes it like an arrow, with enough propulsion to shoot us forward into a whole new paradigm. This is like a Finger of God, on crack! It’s a tremendous lunation, and I urge you all to take full advantage of it. I have cleared my entire day and there isn’t anything that I am attending to that isn’t part of a Full Moon ritual. Even those activities that are obligatory can be reframed by you as intentional and ritualized, by virtue of how you approach them.
The exact timing of the Full Moon is 6:08pm PDT. Let every part of your day either be focused on recognizing the benefit you have been cultivating and harvesting (Gratitude), or acknowledging that which you are ready to release and be done with forever (Alchemy or Purification). All of the elements are so present during this Full Moon, it almost doesn’t matter which one you focus on; Fire, Water, Air and Earth are all well represented. That being said, Capricorn is an earth sign, so make sure that at some point today, your feet touch the Earth and remember that you and she are One.