The Full Moon in Aquarius hits early this morning; at 5:29am PDT, the Moon will Oppose her beloved the Sun, and we are in the middle of a tremendously powerful lunation designed to help us all step into a higher level of personal self-expression and creative power, as these are all inventions of the Leo Mansion. Leo rules the heart, and its polarity sign, Aquarius, connects us to the higher octave of the Mind. We are integrating Mind and Heart in a way that is more powerful than ever before.

We spent time in the Cancer mansion last month, healing emotional trauma that was ready to be transformed. Then we moved into the Leo mansion, where we practice full self-expression with all that we are. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the arbiter of our unconscious experience, and so anything that occurs there is certain to be more connected to the invisible realms. Leo is all about the Sun and conscious awareness itself, where we learn that life is a joyful ride, and that we are here, in part, to celebrate the delights of being in a body. The journey into the deep trauma that we were treated to in July is giving way to a greater presence in the outside world, and by the time the month ends, we will have been through the two most transformative lunar cycles of this year.

I love the 150-degree angle known as the Inconjunct, which also goes by the moniker of the Great Eliminator. Technically, it’s a subtle angle, not capable of making a whole lot happen. It’s not an Opposition, where two planets are in the exciting dynamic where something absolutely must occur. Nor is it the easy connection of the Trine, where everything just flows. The Inconjunct is halfway between the Opposition and the Trine, and causes two planets to pull on each other just enough so that one of them has to create an exit strategy. Consider a crowded room that you don’t want to be in. You spot the door across the way and begin to move toward it. Small choice (cross the room), for a greater return later (leaving the party and going home). This entire lunar cycle, which we are now exactly halfway through, has featured a significant number of these angles, where the choice mechanism has been led primarily by the Sun and Venus in Leo. The energy here is love and sovereignty, and what we are letting go of are the obstacles and blockages to love that we are currently ready to drop.

The word Sovereignty is one of the best monikers associated with the Leo mansion. What is a sovereign nation? It is a geographical location, that, by virtue of the way it is organized with a centralized government, is fully empowered to negotiate and deal with other sovereign nations. In this example, you are the sovereign nation, operating as a fully individuated, self-governing human, capable of protecting yourself with boundaries, and able to guide and direct your own choices and actions through vision, and a directed sense of purpose. Love is the guiding force, and all we need to do is to continue to remove those obstacles to living more fully in our hearts, allowing love to guide us.

The truly stunning aspect of this Full Moon is the Conjunction between the Leo Sun, and Venus in Leo. There is a phenomenon in astrology that is rare indeed; it has a fabulous name – cazimi. Cazimi is a fun word that simply means that a transiting planet is in the very center of the Sun’s geometry. This must be very close in order to be considered to have generated this tremendously fortunate setup. In classical astrology, the close proximity of any planet to the Sun was considered a difficult placement, as the power of the Sun’s rays blocks out or inhibits the consciousness of said transiting planet. However, once the planet – in this case Venus – is in the “heart of the Sun,” there is a moment of explosion, where the consciousness of Venus is amplified exponentially. A Full Moon with a Venus/Sun cazimi is like an astrologer’s wet dream.

The amount of love that is actually available in this moment is all the love you can possibly carry. It is about as big, expressive, affectionate, and bold as it can get. In this way, we are empowered to release anything and everything that is currently blocking our ability to give and receive love at a much greater level. If you are ready to let something go (think of all that work last month in the feeling department), it will certainly be removed through the power of this Full Moon. When we are buoyed by love – self love, love of others, love of service, love of humanity – we are able to create from a much more powerful place, and the joy that is our birthright is something we all move toward quite organically.

Jupiter has just gone direct, although he hasn’t started moving at his typical pace quite yet. Jupiter and the Sun are just coming off of a lovely Trine that hit a week ago, and that geometry is tied directly to this Full Moon. Jupiter also connects to the joys of living, as he is the planet through which we experience all abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. His retrograde helped us prepare for the expansion we are about to explode into the world as he moves forward over the next four months of his passage through his home turf of Sagittarius. Jupiter moving forward in his own sign will offer a tremendous capacity to generate expansion and growth. This Leo Full Moon is all about making sure we feel that we deserve the good that is coming our way.

Aquarius is an air sign and responds to the intellect, so if you want to move in the direction of ritualizing this Full Moon, get out your pen and paper. But really, you can go your own way with this one, as Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and this sign favors the unique individuality and the freedom to just do you, no matter what other people are doing. Rock your rebellious nature with this Full Moon, and you can’t go wrong. Gratitude and release are part of every Full Moon. Be sure to express gratitude for all you have already created in your life, and release anything that stands in the way of you being able to receive more, and then even more, of whatever it is you desire.