Welcome to the Full Moon in Aries, that hits today at 2:07pm PDT. It’s a big one, and it promises a tremendous amount of blessing, and a significant amount of change and transformation. This lunation takes place at 20-degrees of Aries, and forms a perfect Trine to Jupiter (blessing), and a T-Square with Pluto (change). If you are new to my teachings, let me tell you that as an astrologer, I am all about geometrical precision. In other words, if the geometry isn’t really close, it holds less interest for me, as geometry is more powerful the more exact the angles are. These two are exact – to the degree – and that puts the power of the Lord of the Underworld and the Great Expander directly into this Full Moon opportunity to express gratitude for all we have created (Jupiter), and release anything that is ready to be dropped (Pluto) as you move through your consciousness expanding. Let’s break it down.

Aries is all about the impulse to move, to act, to dive into the void and declare, I Am. What is your I Am at this point in your life? That is the question to ponder during this Full Moon. Consider the void, that place where nothing exists in form, but everything is possible. In astrology, that is an invention of the Pisces mansion. Once we tap into the inner spark of creation, there is an impulse that, if we follow it and allow it to lead us, it will burst into consciousness. That spark, that burst, that impulse, is pure Aries energy. That lives inside all of us, and this Full Moon is a celebration of that startup power for everyone on the planet. Tap into the bold, courageous desire to dive into what is unknown for you, and find that spark of self-expression that is part of your archetypal nature as a sovereign human being.

As you contemplate that this weekend, be prepared to let anything and everything that must die off, in order for you to move powerfully forward with your vision. The death principle built into this Full Moon courtesy of Pluto inspires us to ask whether you live for anything for which you would be willing to die. Here’s a personal example to show what I mean by this. When I was a young man, I wanted to be an actor more than anything else. Once I entered that world, I found it brutalizing and it turned out, I didn’t quite have the ambition that was needed to persevere. What I do now, serving humanity as a Teacher, now this, this I would die for. This Full Moon is an opportunity for all of us to tap into that part of ourselves where we feel fully on fire, raring to move forward with the innocent certainty that led Aries the Ram to courageously dive into the void in the first place.

Even if such confidence and catalyzing energy is hard for you to find, it exists inside of you, so use this time to tap into it. Jupiter’s easy participation by virtue of the exact Trine with the Full Moon, puts this energy into our consciousness without any effort really, for that is the nature of a Trine. In addition, Jupiter is in his ruling sign of Sagittarius, which has been helping us all tap into a more authentic and organic relationship with true abundance this year; this is true even if you are moving though struggles. This easy geometry effortlessly folds Jupiter’s blessings into this moment, and the wave we get to ride as a result of his presence will be palpably felt by many. Jupiter in Sagittarius tells us that the world is our oyster, and Aries energy inspires us to explode into the world with that much confidence and optimism in tow.

These are the broad strokes of this Full Moon; but there is a lot more going on as well, with an undercurrent of complex geometry. Jupiter and Uranus in a Sesqui-Square provides the kind of friction that may trigger frustration as we seek to free ourselves of past limitations. This will help with the release portion of this Full Moon, as you may be very aware of old ways of being in the world that are ready to be dropped, especially with regard to your relationships, and how you interact with the world in general. Uranus is also still holding recent interactions with both Mars and Venus that through being confronted with heartfelt truths (Venus Opposing Uranus), we must change the path we are on (Mars Inconjunct Uranus).

We are gliding down the train tracks that our lives and our vision is moving on. But there is a switching of tracks going on that we must pay at least some attention to. The release potential in this Full Moon is big, but to benefit from the energy that is available right now, some of us will have to let go of some things that we used to hold dear. Remember that the Sun is in Libra, and Libra is where we first learned how to interact with the world. Aries is where we learned who we are as individuals, and in his purity, knows nothing about relating to anything but himself. This polar opposition must be integrated within us; to be bold and clear and definite about who we are in an absolute, uninhibited and fiery manner. And then we must figure out how to keep that sovereignty and authenticity, and relate to the world outside of us with in a way that allows for grace, ease, and of course, love, to lead the way.