The Full Moon is exact this morning at 11:38am PDT. The trajectory of the Sun/Moon axis is Libra/Aries, and so we are focused on Love, relationships, art, beauty and most of all, balance in all things. Libra is represented by the scales, always keeping both sides in its sights, seeking equilibrium. Aries is the original cardinal energy that starts things up and is anything but balanced. An Opposition holds a tension that is dynamic and powerful, and so this particular Full Moon has this very deft and profound expression built into it; that even when there is the urge to burst in and explode (Aries), we always have within us the ability to hold enormous surges of energy within us, and to hold them in perfect balance(Libra).

One of the important things that is coalescing to be part of this Full Moon contains the periodic meeting of Venus and Mars. These two dance with each other all the time, coming close to connecting, but often not quite making it all the way to a Conjunction. The pattern of this is not at all regular, but there is an interesting rhythm to consider that relate to whatever you may have been going through in the world of love, relationship, sexual expression and the balance of masculine and feminine principle in an archetypal fashion in 2015, and where you are at now.

In February of that year, Venus and Mars came together in the sign of Aries, kicking off a new experience of what can happen when the Feminine and Masculine principle are asked to come into balance. Aries is the ultimate start-up sign, and a process was begun that was perfectly designed to help each of us experience something more profound about how we embody our lives from, through and as the Heart. Then in August of that same year, Venus recognized that there was some inner work to be done, and these two met up during her retrograde cycle in Leo, teaching us how to Love and to do so with more gusto (recall how the transits of August 2015 related to this eclipse season in the post from August 31st). In November 2015, the two lovers met up in Virgo, where they will meet up again this week, and yet again in two years. That’s a rather alarming commitment to continue the process of integration that only Virgo truly knows how to generate.

There is something so elegant about Mars and Venus coming together in Conjunction today that tells this same story of holding balance. The exact moment of the masculine and feminine principle joining up in perfect alignment is 2 hours before the Full Moon, which is a rare alignment between lunation and planetary transit. So the Full Moon has as its theme harmony and balance, and the very planets that represent the two aspects of our own nature, so often felt as separate, divided, and at odds with each other, are showing us that it is, in fact, possible, to have them together and focused on the same point, working in unison. Being and Doing in exactly the same place, which each principle available to us with equal ease. This is the eye of the hurricane, if you will, because I wouldn’t want to suggest that life right now is calm and peaceful when it is anything but. However, it is possible – truly possible – to be in this world, but not of it. To look out at everything that is happening and choose to bring Love, even in the face of great chaos and disruption. That notion is all over this Full Moon.

Let me remind you that the recent Opposition between Jupiter and Uranus is still present in the atmosphere, and we are still reeling from that burst of energy. Jupiter brings expansion and Uranus is the sudden and unexpected game changer. These two opposed each other just last week and if you want to know the impact of that, just turn on the news. Since Full Moons are our opportunity to harvest the benefit, this is the moment to do just that. The Sun and the Moon are in the same signs as Jupiter and Uranus, so though the planetary meetup happened a week ago, this is the time of reckoning, when we can actually take in and express gratitude for what that huge wave of energy brought our way. Aries is all about the self. Libra is all about the other. Together, they form the paradigm through which we meet our world. The more open we are to this process, the more we respect the fact that ALL of what meets us is simply mirroring back our own consciousness.

It has been a wild ride the last few months and it shows no sign of abating, really. There is a gift in mix as Jupiter prepares to leave Libra in five days, this is a perfect time to take stock of how your life has changed for the better in the last 12 months, especially where relationships are concerned. And remember, relationship applies to how you meet the world in all forms, not just primary or romantic relationships. This is the pinnacle of the mirrored consciousness in action. And, of course, remember to cultivate the two most important relationships we contend with each day; the one with ourselves and the one with God.