Tomorrow morning at 9:48am PST, we will experience the Full Moon at 0-degree of Cancer, in direct Opposition with the solstice placement of the Sun at 0-degrees of Capricorn. In 2014, the winter solstice was accompanied by the dark of the New Moon. Here we are four years later, and we are moving through the winter solstice connecting with the light of the Full Moon. Remember that the shortest day of the year creates the longest experience of the night. And with that solar moment being accompanied by the penetrating light of the Full Moon, then arguably, these two astrological events – the solstice and the Full Moon – are acting as one powerful moment of reckoning, review, and release. If ever there were a moment for us to drop by the side of the road all the shit we’ve been lugging around trying to free ourselves from, this is it. And there is something very pure about the Sun being up to something really important, while the Full Moon is in the sign of her own rulership (Cancer is ruled by the Moon).

One of the things I think a lot of people struggle with is the amount of time it can take to free ourselves from patterns of thought, difficult relationships, life events that feel onerous and pull our enthusiasm for life down. The process is deceptively simple; if you have a recurring thought pattern that is causing you suffering, you stop the thought, declare your readiness to be done with that thought, and then replace it with the desired, affirmative thought. And then repeat that prayer 17, 652 times. A day. And then one day, the miracle occurs. Enough prayers, enough ritual release processes, and the magic ingredient of enough time has been put in, and something changes as a wound is, finally, released. For some of you, that miracle is happening right now. And if this isn’t your miracle moment, keep at it. I am reminded of the old adage, “Don’t leave the room until the miracle occurs.”

There is an interesting combination of emotional and intellectual perspectives today, and some of you will pulled by one, the other, or perhaps a combination of both. The Full Moon in cancer is all water, all feeling, all introversion and all feminine in nature. But in the background of these two days is Mercury and Jupiter coming together in Sagittarius. Mercury is in his detriment in this fire sign, as he can become overwhelmed with all of the stimulation that Sag brings to the table. This sign is notorious for truth telling at any cost, and with the planet of communication coming together with the enormity of Jupiter’s expansiveness, there will be a lot of that “truth-telling” under this influence.

The best alignment of these two energies can be activated by taking the sharp awarenesses that this Mercury/Jupiter transit brings with it and turning inward for self-reflection at this perfect time of year to do so. The Cancer Full Moon will light up the portion of our unconscious expression we wish to be free of, and the surgical tool we can use for the removal of said thought patterns is this penetrating focus that is accompanying this moment. With so many people on the planet moving in the direction of family gatherings AND/OR considering how family may have let them down, what a perfect opportunity to use the raw material of this double whammy to free yourself of everything that is currently ready for release in order to move into next year with as clean a slate as possible.

This past year has been wildly transformative, like being born anew. All of those overlapping retrogrades one after the other in the second half of the year gave us almost no integration time before we were thrust back into a deeper process again. I love the timing of this release process; it comes at the end of the year, so it is marked powerfully by virtue of our recognition of this moment as a corner to turn each year. I love that the Moon is in Cancer, the sign that invented our emotional processes, arguably the most productive Full Moon release archetype we could ask for at the end of such a profound year of internal growth. If you think of last year as a rebirthing experience, the Cancer Full Moon is like that exhausted moment after all of that work and effort, where ideally, we get to rest in the arms of Mother.

Expect a high emotional content today and for the next few days, as the Cancer Full Moon will have all of us tuned up to a high level of tenderness and sensitivity. Cancer is a water sign, so steep yourself in any sort of water experience that feels like it might comfort you right now. And with both the Sun and the Moon in cardinal signs, we can expect a lot of things to feel like they want to move fast, even with the Moon in such an introverted sign. This Full Moon vibration will last for another 2-1/2 days because it occurs at the very beginning of the Cancer mansion, another reason why today and the next few days are going to feel pretty intense. This is the astrological corollary of crossing over the threshold from the old year and into the new one. Not bad, right!?