There is something of exquisite beauty being created today and tomorrow. It’s the Grand Earth Trine with Full Moon Kite Formation. Wow. Stunning. Everything about this pattern is extraordinary. First and foremost, it is tight geometry which I love. I am purist when it comes to the geometry of astrology, and I don’t find a transit as compelling to talk about unless it is very exact. Meaning, two planets can be 83-degrees apart and still be thought of as in a Square, even if they are forming what is 7-degrees less than a true 90-degree angle. In the case of this shape involving the Sun, the Moon, Uranus and Saturn that is building right now, when the Full Moon hits on Sunday in the wee hours of the morning PDT, all of these players will be in connection with each other where the margin for error of perfect geometry is less than half a degree; each planet is at 3-degrees of the sign that they are in. That makes this Full Moon particularly potent such that we are all action going to feel in some way or another.

When three planets split the sky into one great triangle, we have a conversation in pure harmony between each of the players in participation. In the spirit of the notion that “the slowest planet wins,” we start our interpretation with the heaviest weight which comes from Uranus in Taurus. The Great Awakener in this sign is shaking things up in a very tangible way. Taurus invented form itself, and so there are things that we have always thought were solid and immovable in the past that are proving themselves to be quite susceptible to sudden and unexpected change. That’s what Uranus brings to this Full Moon, and because he is retrograde, he is quite definitely pointing in the direction of our unconscious, the arbiter of which is the Moon.

Next in line is Saturn, the Great Teacher, exalted in his ruling sign of Capricorn. Saturn brings Kharma, and a level of heightened responsibility to this event. This is hugely important because in the scheme things, without Saturn’s participation in something, you can’t build anything of lasting value. Though this is the planet through whom we learn our life lessons, he is also quite literally (if the way I was using literal was correct) the part of our consciousness that generates structure, foundation, lasting change. Jupiter may be the expansive energy that brings you the riches you desire, it is only through Saturn that we can keep what we receive, whether he is operating through outside world, practical forms of the hard work necessary to build something new, or the more psychic/emotional way that we increase our capacity to receive and retain that good that comes our way through worthiness and living in a expectancy of deserving. He too is retrograde, another point toward the feminine energy that is leading right now.

And now the high note in the chord of music that is the Grand Earth Trine; the Sun in Virgo. The Sun brings the light of life itself into connection with all the sudden changes that are taking place (Uranus), along with the discipline, sense of responsibility and resolved blockages and other issues of resistance needed to truly build anything you are capable of creating (Saturn). We see it, feel it, know it and ground it into our embodiment with this Full Moon (Mars has something to do with this). This is just where I find myself in such admiration of the solar system. There is so much elegance in the way things layer into our consciousness. Now, I know that elegant may not be a word that any of you might choose to describe this spring and summer, but I find it so through my passion for astrology. Just when the entire system has been busted wide open through an astonishingly chaotic few months, this ginormous manifestation vortex (perfect description for a Grand Earth Trine) is plopped down in the middle of the process to assist us in building everything we are up to creating.

The Full Moon is where we honor the harvest and the leave-behind that forms the release portion of the symbolic meaning of this lunation. The principle we work with to connect with the image of harvest is gratitude. If ever there were a Full Moon that embodied gratitude, this is it. Even just the placement of the Virgo Pisces continuum relates to the blessing of spirit (Pisces) made manifest (Virgo). And through this opposition, the Moon turns the Grand Earth Trine into a Kite. Kites, of course, are designed to fly, and this Full Moon allows us to tap into the power of manifestation and work directly with the field of infinite possibility, which was invented by Pisces. Mars (you knew I’d get back to him) hanging out in Capricorn, the sign of his exaltation, and standing still in the background. He is perhaps the most important piece of all of this, because he will allow us to pour any sense of gratitude and blessing for the journey into where we are heading next. When he turns around in a few days, he can carry the expansiveness of this Full Moon into our future as he helps us embody what we’ve been exploring.

The exact moment of the Full Moon is Sunday morning, 4:57am PDT, which correlates to 12:57pm in London, whereas Sydney will experience this at the perfect viewing hour of 9:57pm. If you have some sort of Full Moon ritual practice, have at it. When in doubt, consider gratitude as your leading descriptor of anything you choose to do to be in ceremony at some point over the next few days. Pisces is a water sign, and is in fact the deepest of the three water signs, so it would be effective to incorporate some water into your process. Sleeping and dreaming is also the domain of Pisces, so calling upon your dreams to help you recognize the wisdom is built into this moment.

Consider how powerful this wave of energy is going to be in terms of ushering all that you have been manifesting on the inside of your consciousness these past months. As Mars begins his movement forward, so do we. Jupiter’s blessings are also moving forward now as well. Yes, the Venus retrograde up ahead is still the wild card unknown in terms of personal process we all have to navigate through. Still, the more certainty and expectancy you can bring to this Full Moon, the greater the possible outcomes we will see as we move into next year.