September 13, 2019

The Full Moon at 21-degrees of Pisces is exact this evening at 9:33pm PDT. The importance of the Pisces/Virgo continuum rises up for me as a teacher of conscious embodiment, because it is here where we learn how to open up our physical experience enough to truly feel (and know) that the energy that animates us is the same for all beings on the planet. There is only one of us here, and we are each an individualized expression of that. Both separate in a body, but joined through an energetic experience, all humans are unified through what we call the collective consciousness. It is through Pisces/Virgo where are understand that life itself is all about the spirit on the one hand, and the flesh on the other.

The Virgo mansion invented the body, but it is Pisces that fills that body with life force, and animates it. When we as individuals are more identified with the energy that rises up through our bodies, as opposed to the body itself, then we’re cooking with gas. This is the value of all spiritual practice, which in a very general way is about this identification with Source. Any Full Moon in Pisces is a moment in our solar year where we are reminded of this in a deeply felt and fundamental way. This one, however, takes this principle about as far as it can be taken. The backdrop to any lunation is what gives it character, and this Full Moon has something gorgeous going for it, a Mystic Rectangle.

This is a pattern in astrology where at least four planets (or points) line up in a perfect rectangular shape. And of course, one of the corners of this pattern is the Pisces mansion, where the Full Moon is Conjunct Neptune, the planet known as the Great Spirit, and the ruler of Pisces. This Conjunction alone raises the stakes of this lunation considerably, and brings with it the power of dreams, the mystery of the collective, and the mutable quality that allows for gentle change to occur (as opposed to all of the unstable ways that change has been hurtling at us lately). But most importantly, Pisces/Virgo is where we learn that though each of us may practice in a completely different, individualized manner, we all connect to one unifying force. In other words, in the land of Pisces, all roads lead to God, because there is only one place to get to; the one Universe that invented us all. This is where Peace for Humanity will be born.

Of course, we don’t consider the Pisces Moon/Neptune energy without the Sun in Virgo holding the tension of opposites. This puts our conscious awareness directly into the body and the concept of embodiment. But taking this to a whole other level, Mind (Mercury), Body (Mars), Heart (Venus) and Spirit (Sun/Moon) are also all vibrating with the Virgo portion of this Mystic Rectangle. To have all of the personal planets in the same sign – and the sign that invented the body – creates an unprecedented moment where we can feel fully integrated, whole, and complete. In fact, Mercury and Venus are both at the last degree of Virgo, which is a mastery degree. If nothing else, this Full Moon will leave of a lot of us in a deeper connection between what we think (Mercury) and how we feel (Venus). This is actually much more important than perhaps it sounds at first; we can want things with our mental body that in our emotional body, we do not feel we deserve. Getting this thinking/feeling mechanism into congruence is an enormous part of developing an integrated sense of Self. Think of this Full Moon as an initiation into a much deeper experience of that consciousness.

The other polarity that crosses this one and creates the Mystic Rectangle are the players in Capricorn/Cancer. The North Node in the sign of Cancer this year is helping all of us to move to a greater personal experience of self-care, and a more transpersonal experience of alignment with the Great Mother, or the feminine aspect of the Divine which was first invented in the Cancer mansion. Across the way, forming the final corner of this powerful transit, are Pluto and Saturn, whom I have been fondly referring to lately as death and taxes. We are changing at a most alarming and transformational level thanks to Pluto. And we are stepping up to the responsibility we have for making such changes through the influence of Saturn. These two hanging out together is much of why this year has been challenging, as so much is changing so profoundly. This is only going to increase next year as Saturn and Pluto actually join up twice in 2020. This Full Moon, then, goes a long way to raise our vibration so that we might move through the world’s’ alarming changes with more personal grace. This allows us all to serve humanity more directly through finding our dharma at the individual level. And yes, all of this is packed into this Full Moon.

Jupiter is the only player in this Full Moon who is leaning in in an odd angle. The Great Eliminator or Inconjunct, always portends a fork in the road where a new choice may emerge. Jupiter is all about our forward expansion, sense of abundance, and life as a prosperous journey. If there is any adjustment to your path forward that needs to be made in order that you might receive more of the good fortune you desire, allow this month and the entire lunar cycle to show you that new fork in the road. Keep in mind that this moment also hearkens back to late March and late June, the first two time this transit hit. Those dates may speak into a narrative of adjustment that may be wrapping up, so glance back for a clue as to what may be being asked of you now.

This day, evening, and the reverberating day that tomorrow will be, is perfect for expressing gratitude for your body and your embodiment, and a surrender to an even greater capacity to allow a higher vibration of spirit into, and though your body. Pisces is a water sign, so if you respond to ritual when you celebrate Full Moons, make sure this one includes something watery. Have at it!