The Full Moon in Pisces occurred just after midnight this morning, and so we are in what is ultimately a two-day experience of this powerful lunation; yesterday and today. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the Great Spirit, and the Moon was Conjunct this planet that connects us to our spiritual nature. This is a profoundly healing and loving Full Moon that is all water; something we need very much while in the midst of all of this fiery, masculine energy. Understand that this two-day period is heavily influenced by the Unity Consciousness that Pisces invented. When we remember that Love is all there is, anything that exists within us that is unlike Love, needs to go.

So much has happened in the past few weeks. Mercury is now direct after an intense retrograde. We had one of the biggest Solar Eclipses in over a decade. Uranus, the Great Awakener, was in a powerful geometrical connection with that Leo New Moon. So much fire! Consider the image of the craftsperson working with metal, putting it into the fires to melt, banging and pounding it out into a new shape, dropping it into water to cool it down, which puts that new shape into a permanent structure. We had a spring of fire, and July was all water. Having been thrown back into the fires in the past few weeks, we drop once again into the deep waters of Pisces, and the new shape of Love that we are being pounded into, takes hold and becomes our new form.

In every lunar cycle, there is an important relationship between the New Moon and the Full Moon. In the former, we set intentions. In the latter, we harvest the benefit and release what impedes us from achieving what we set out to create. We are at the Full Moon that is directly connected to the eclipse from August 21st. And just for emphasis, Mercury, who just turned around and is therefore standing still in the sky, is right on top of the eclipse point. In this way, our Mind is aligned with what we set out to manifest in that important moment. The challenge of his backward journey is over, and he is ready to begin his march into the future, taking our vision along with him.

Full Moons ask us to release consciousness that we are complete with. So does the geometry of the Inconjunct, the 150 degree angle that Venus is making right now to Neptune, and therefore part of this lunation. Inconjuncts are choice moments, forks in the road where we are often asked to leave something behind; a way we have been operating in the past that is no longer reflective of the consciousness we wish to embody. Venus and Neptune both operate in the realm of Love, and so this is definitely a moment to consider loving in a new way. Or maybe more accurately, letting go of ways we resisted Love through fear, playing victim, or unconsciously expressing a lack of deserving. Your relationships may go through some interesting changes as a result of this transit and the Pisces Full Moon. Don’t be surprised if things change rather suddenly.

We must, must, must be willing to let go in order to allow more Love to flow through us. So, what does this mean? Pisces is the inventor of compassion and forgiveness. Even when someone has wronged us, we are being asked to remember that everything is a projection and that nothing is, ultimately, personal. This does not mean being a doormat by any stretch, so if that is part of your history, you must work with this principle a little differently. If that is your story, self-forgiveness may be the name of the game for you.

For the rest of us (and yes, I include myself in this category without equivocation), there are opportunities everywhere to simply not pick up the impulse to correct, criticize, judge in return, or otherwise keep an experience of unforgiveness going. Situations in which to simply drop a conflict will be everywhere right now, even if they happen inside your own mind (thank you, Mercury!). I have a rule for myself. I am not allowed to talk to anyone who isn’t in the room. If you find yourself still “talking it out” with someone in the realm of fantasy, imagining what you will say, would like to say, should have said, etc., stop it immediately. Talk to God instead. The same goes for the world at large; if you are putting any of your energy into the direction of the political landscape in this fashion, turn to prayer, forgiveness, and Love.


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