The Full Moon takes place on Monday morning at 1:31am PDT. The Sun is in the Gemini mansion, which puts the Moon in the polarity sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the archer, the fire sign that is ruled by Jupiter, the planet that only expands and grows all of the elements of life we would identify as abundance, expansion and prosperity. Remember this as Sagittarius’ and Jupiter’s primary thread of consciousness, because Jupiter is doing something with this Full Moon that is the really big news of this lunar cycle, but I’ll come back to this in a few paragraphs.

There is a background setup to this Full Moon that is arguably one of the most powerful I’ve seen in any Full Moon. As an astrologer, I am a geometrical purist. Meaning, if there is some geometry building that is part of a lunation, I need it to be pretty exact in order for it to ring true for me as participating in an astrological event. We have that here. There is a gathering of planets in Capricorn (Pluto, Saturn, South Node) that are in an exact Opposition with a gathering of planets in Cancer (Mercury, Mars, North Node). Any Opposition creates a tremendous tension that forces things to react to each other, and in this case, the Capricorn side is about change, transformation, and all of the old guard patriarchy that is currently falling apart on the planet. The Cancer end is personal – this is where Mars and Mercury are connecting with the North Node. Mars = our walk. Mercury = our talk. North Node = our future/destiny/life purpose.

We are being forced into a mighty turn of the screw where so much of what we once knew as stable and grounded (Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn) is shifting, in order that we might move toward a more feminine-principle approach to how we walk our talk (Mercury/Mars in Cancer). Any such geometry is difficult; 180-degrees may be the most challenging bridge we have to walk across. If a third planet participates in the difficult geometry of an Opposition in such a way to make it easier, we actually call that an Easy Opposition. In this case, there is an Easy Opposition being created by Neptune, the Great Spirit, and the body through which we have our connection to the Divine. The Trine that is in place right now between Neptune and the folks in Cancer allows us to bring our current level of spiritual mastery front and center. This is the Grace that is out there in this mighty time of breakdown, change, and transformation. And of course, we can connect to that Grace through our daily spiritual practice.

All Full Moons are about gratitude and release. We harvest the crop of what we have already sewn, and this is the gratitude practice. Do not let this Full Moon pass you by without a tremendous amount of focus on being grateful for the life you already have, even if that life is presenting you with challenges at the moment. You cannot create anything new if you are resenting what already is, so use this Full Moon to charge up your commitment to a gratitude practice.

A release mechanism is built into all Full Moons, but this one has an extra dose of this possibility. Remember, I told you Jupiter has an important role to play in this lunation? Well, he dials into the Cap/Cancer Opposition by creating the Great Eliminatory angle with Mercury and Mars, illuminating a very clear exit strategy for anything that inhibits your ability to get as big in your consciousness as Jupiter will allow. Our walk and our walk will never be the same after this Full Moon, and it all starts with how willing you are to let go of old ways of being in the world that may seem comfortable and familiar, but really are reflecting old levels of consciousness where you didn’t feel as deserving of a magnificent life.

We are coming to the end of the Gemini mansion as we approach the spring equinox. Gemini rules the lungs, and therefore the breath. Breath is everything. Gemini invented our thoughts as well, so this is a time when we are very engaged in how our minds are perceiving with your intellect, what is happening to you in the storyline that is your life. Do your best to remember that the Universe, and how it unfolds, is always for us, and never against us. I will not use the language that everything happens for a reason, because at the end of the day, I don’t actually know if that’s true. But I do know this with every fiber of my being – everything that you move through – absolutely EVERYTHING – is urging you toward growth, expansion, and living in a consciousness that can be miraculously free of wound and trauma. But of course, you must take radical responsibility for everything that comes up, as everything in the outside world is a reflection of you. When you can do that, then you move through life with an unshakable certainty that everything that does occur, happens for your benefit.

The progression of life happening to you, then through you, is the beautiful artifact of cultivating a viable spiritual practice. This is an extraordinary time; many are moving to the next stage of life happening AS you. You are the Creator and the Creation. Everyone you interact with is an aspect of Self. This extraordinary posture is what happens as we heal our trauma, both childhood and ancestral, forgive absolutely everything, and find the best way you tap into the energy that all is made of. This is a very tall order, and there is so much to be released in order to accomplish this. But this lunar cycle is more amped up for letting stuff drop than is typical. You don’t even have to know what the next step is to honor the moment. Try something like this: First, get as connected to your breath in whatever way that idea lands for you. Then try speaking this prayer/affirmation: As I aspire to ascend to the highest level of consciousness that I can currently embody, I allow for the release of everything that would inhibit that ascension. Every fear, doubt, unsupportive thought form, all resistance, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious, is now released. And So It Is.