Full Moon in Scorpio.  It’s a big one.  2:12pm PDT.  The illusion of control bumps up against the need to surrender to death and rebirth, and boy, isn’t that one of the most difficult elements of being in a body?  This lunation is ruled by Pluto, and the Lord of the Underworld is participating directly in it.  So much is changing on the planet right now and it can be difficult to keep up.  Scorpio energy has a depth and an emotional intensity that can be challenging, and this particular Full Moon has a few extra punches built into it.  Remember that Pluto and Scorpio invented death, and so we are very much taken up by how we are currently dying to Self.  The entire world is dying to be reborn right now, and if there is a watchword for this particular lunation, I will declare it to be: Surrender.

Now, if I say the word surrender and you think I mean giving up on your intentions or dreams, that is not what I am referring to.  I am speaking about resistance to change, and how difficult we make things for ourselves by fighting what is, and arguing with life on life’s terms.  There is a middle ground, sweet spot, where we push through our will on the one hand, but never argue with reality on the other.  What this requires is a constant willingness to allow your vision to change, like grabbing for what you desire, but keeping your hands open and flexible so that you can allow things to adjust as needed.  This Full Moon is very much about watching yourself hang on to the branch, afraid to let go and fall.  What you don’t know is that you are just a foot above the new terra firma you could be walking on.  If you keep holding on, trying to control how things play out, you will never feel truly free.  Cut that out and just surrender to the ride.

This Full Moon is ruled by Pluto, and this emphasis on the shadow, change and transformation, power and authority, is driven home even more powerfully because Pluto is in a Trine with this Full Moon, so he is tied directly to it.  You can expect this Full Moon to bring some stuff up out of the depths of you, so if there is anything in your shadow consciousness – anything that you have been afraid to look at or deal with – it is likely to be revealed by the light of this Full Moon.  And with Saturn, the Great Teacher, as part of the gathering in Capricorn that is in a Trine with the Moon means that if there is something for you to learn any great shadow-reveal, you can rest assured there may be a lesson on tap.

And just in case you thought you might get away with not having to take a look at something you wish would stay hidden, we have a side meeting of Venus and Uranus in Taurus that is a big enough flash of lightning to really shake things up this weekend.  Uranus is all about unique approaches, freedom, and rebellion.  Venus is how we express love.  Uranus wakes us up to something new, sometimes with a flash of lighting, or perhaps an enormous curve ball.  This burst of love and wokeness has Uranus’s capacity to bring sudden changes and reversals, and which way it goes is anyone’s guess.  This jolt of energy has the power to smack two people into a loving experience in a flash, or just as enthusiastically break something up that seemed solid and permanent.  Some things are going to change this weekend, as our collective heart chakra gets an upgrade.

Here’s a little note about Forgiveness; a principle that is hidden within this particular Full Moon.  The archetype of Scorpio has no idea what forgiveness is.  Taurus, the sign that is in polarity with Scorpio is Taurus, ruled by Venus, where forgiveness is a foregone conclusion.  Unforgiveness, and the impulse to kill things off, in a tension of opposites with love and forgiveness.  A loving response has the power to cut through any resistance that might be troubling you right now.  Uranus brings miracles and a sense of revolutionary change.  For some, that revolutionary idea – the thing you never thought of before – might just be to lean into the possibility of forgiving the seemingly unforgivable.

The shadow element of this Full Moon may come up in very unexpected ways.  And in case you don’t really know what I mean by this, our shadow is most apparent to us through our reactions to others.  If you find yourself bothered by another person’s character of behavior, then something about your shadow is being reflected back to you.  This applies even when the object in question is an institution.  When the shadow is activated, something previously hidden is revealed (Scorpio), and with Uranus in the mix, that reveal can be quite sudden.  Remember to find the gratitude for how things are unfolding, even if you are astonished at some of what is taking place.  Nothing can be healed unless it is exposed to the full light of day, so many ugly truths about our society are coming up out of the shadow for just that reason.  See if you can’t find some forgiveness in your heart this weekend for the state of planet Earth.  She needs every bit of help we can offer.