The Full Moon in Taurus takes place in the early hours of the morning here on the west coast of North America; at 5:34am PST. There are a lot of lovely things about a Taurus Full Moon, and I think we’ll start there because who doesn’t need a little good news right about now? The Moon is exalted in Taurus, which means she is particularly empowered in this sign. And since Taurus is ruled by Venus, any time the Moon is in this sign, she has the love of that planet at her back. Another aspect of this lunation is its easy connection to the powerhouse of the solar system at this moment which is the two-year gathering of Saturn and Pluto that is peaking in January. That unstoppable energy is at the heart of all that is disruptive, unstable, chaotic, and changing, revolutionarily, before our very eyes. This Full Moon comes at a precarious moment and has Mercury retrograde at its center. That said, the fact that the geometry between the Moon and Saturn/Pluto is the harmonious Trine of 120-degrees, most of us are going to move through this lunar cycle with more ease as a result of this setup.

Yesterday was the Inferior Conjunction between Mercury and the Sun, which yielded guidance and wisdom about the process we are all in. At the halfway point of every Mercury retrograde, the planet of the mind comes in direct contact with our conscious awareness. The thinking mind, turned within and involved in a deep, integrative process, passes by the center of our Being, and delivers a message about what this particular Mercury retrograde is bringing you. We are moving through deep excavation of elements of our unconscious typically hidden from us; this is the gift of Scorpio. Consider yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and every bit of this Full Moon wave, to be part of this, and look for the information about your journey that has recently been offered.

Of course, if you are fortunate enough to be clear and conscious about what that is, congratulations. If you feel befuddled and still in the dark, remember that we are in the Scorpio mansion, and so there is much more emphasis on what is hidden than what is transparent. And the fact that Mercury still has another week of backward motion, it may be a while before what is happening in the underworld will come to light. If anything has come up that might be connected to some of the deep work you are currently up to, remember that every Full Moon is a release opportunity, a moment when we drop the patterns that aren’t serving us that are ready to be released.

Taurus is where we invented form itself, and things like money, comfort, and the principle that life is filled with abundance is the natural artifact of a world of form. Colloquially, most people consider Taurus to be the sign of material wealth, comfort, and luxury, and it is. But all of those things are artifacts of abundance, not abundance itself. At the purest level of archetypal consciousness, Taurus invented form, not money. What this means is that just being here and in a body is an expression of abundance: You are already filled with all of the abundance that life has to offer in this mansion. Of course, scarcity lives here to as the shadow side of Taurus. Scarcity, or being seduced by the cash and prizes, is the shadow side of Taurus, and if we are doing anything right now with the Scorpio mansion and Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio, is shadow work.

Use this Full Moon to explore your relationship to abundance, how you define it, and what forms of it desire to receive. If there is anything important about this hovering in the hidden realms of the shadow, it will come up now. If not in the wave of this lunation, certainly by virtue of Mercury completing his retrograde cycle in the coming weeks. We are being taken on a journey through the shadow in this lunar cycle, and we are in the middle of that journey, which peaks on the wave of this Full Moon. Allow the loving and grounding sensation of the Taurus Moon to bolster you to continue the passage through the underworld; we are not quite through. But in this moment of gratitude and release, be sure to lift up all the ways your life feels abundant right now, with a focus on your inner resources. Then, use the release portion of the moment to drop everything that inhibits your willingness to attract and receive more.