The Full Moon is exact tonight at 10:22pm PDT, so for many of you, the date of the lunation will be your November 4th. The sign of this Full Moon is Taurus, the first earth sign of the zodiac, the mansion where the world of form was actually invented. Taurus and Scorpio (where the Sun is) have an interesting relationship around the things we create and manifest. Taurus generates all the desirable forms, and Scorpio invented the alchemy it takes to bring them into existence out of nothing. This is a magical time of year, and this Full Moon always puts us in touch with the power that exists within us to bring into existence anything that we desire. This Full Moon is very much about our power to manifest, so as you think about how to celebrate this moment in the lunar cycle, consider all you are in the process of creating.

Interestingly, the entire planetary backdrop for this month’s lunation is very confronting about the actual landscape that we find ourselves in, for this is also the moment that a Square between Saturn and Chiron perfects itself, creating a wave of energy that is just enormous. This geometry hit last December, once again in late April/early May, and this is the third and final time, just in time for the Full Moon. This interaction between the Great Teacher and the Great Healer deepens the wounds around the world as it is, versus the world as we wish it were. Chiron and Saturn ensure that there is some wounded consciousness being stirred up. This is a huge moment for letting go of lack, limitation, separation from Source – anything that might be experienced by you as a wound is up for release at this moment, for that is one of the things that every Full Moon demands. What are you leaving behind? This is a particularly important question to ask yourself right now, because if you do not release your unconscious fears and ideas of unworthiness, whatever you create will be forged in the furnace of your self-doubt.

The Sun is in a Trine with Neptune, which makes this particular Full Moon very connected to Spirit, but also riddled with the potential for blind spots, delusions and confusion. There is a field of infinite possibility, a vibratory landscape out of which we create everything that shows up in the world of form. In astrology, this field of vibration is represented by Neptune. Neptune and the Sun in a Trine with each other is deeply spiritual, and very connected to the process of manifestation, and this geometry is exact at the same moment that the Full Moon is expressing itself. We are going to go to pretty deep places with our daily practice (if you have one) as a result. So remember that the power to manifest is high right now; be sure to know what it is you want and then drop into the feeling sensation of already having it. But remember that Neptune also brings all of those pesky things like fog, cloudiness, escapism and addiction, so be sure to be extra mindful of any of those qualities are part of your story.

There are a couple of things to remember when working with manifestation techniques. The Secret came along a few years back and convinced people they could literally have anything they wanted if they just wanted it enough. There are spiritual coaches out there who focus solely on levels of income as the evidence of successful manifestation. The problem with this approach is that it can produce an outward projection of a desire, in a symbolic form that you may not be capable of matching with your own, authentic vibration. You don’t get what you WANT in manifestation land, you get what you ARE, and therefore capable of attracting. The Venus mechanizations that are happening right now might be painful, but they could go a long way in healing any sense of undeserving, victim-mentality, and unforgiveness that might be blocking your Heart’s desire from coming toward you.

Venus is the lower octave of Love and since she rules the Emotional Body, is very connected to the manifestation process, because how we feel into something is really how we create. And Venus is all over this Full Moon. First and foremost, she is in an exact Opposition to Uranus, and while the expect-the-unexpected energy generated by that geometry could bring about some very surprising results in the world of love, relationships and intimacy. It could just as easily break your Heart when you were expecting to be swept off your feet. Venus is also Inconjuncting Chiron and Sextiling Saturn, so we are definitely hitting a few Kharmic lessons (Saturn) with this lunation, and the Inconjunct to Chiron is yet another opportunity to take a fork in the road and leave behind a wounded Heart.

This particular Full Moon is like a crash course in all the fundamentals that go into mastering this process. Know what you want. Imagine how it would feel to have it. Cultivate that feeling as a meditation. Be loose with the form in your imagination. Be courageous in looking at the parts of you that don’t feel deserving. Be willing to go deep into those shame-filled recesses, and bring the power of self-forgiveness to the center of your Being. Now, have it, and create lives of absolute magnificence!