The Full Moon Partial Total Eclipse at 24-degrees of Capricorn takes place today at 2:30pm PDT.  If you look at the chart for today, you can see quite clearly the tremendous energy of the Cancer/Capricorn polarity.  Including the Nodes of the Moon, there are five planets in Cancer, and four in Capricorn.  And yes, technically Mars and Mercury are in Leo, but they just met up and exchanged information and Mercury is headed back into the Cancer mansion, so the consciousness of our walk and talk (Mercury and Mars) is absolutely included in the Cancer end of this tremendous process that we are moving through this month.

The Moon is in Capricorn, and so this lunation is ruled by Saturn, the Great Teacher.  Part of what is built into this eclipse wormhole connects to the two-year cycle of Saturn, the Great Teacher, and Pluto, the Great Transformer, coming together as they are now.  It has been many years since this setup has been seen; in fact, the eclipse on January 4, 1284 was almost exactly the same energetic portal we are moving through currently.  Every seven centuries or so, the planet that creates structures (Saturn) and the planet that destroys structures so new ones can be formed (Pluto) come together and change, well, everything that is capable of being changed.  The old world is truly breaking down and a new one being formed right before our very eyes in a way that we haven’t seen in centuries.

The Cancer mansion invented everything that happens to us in the home environment and who we are as a result of the family that we came through.  The opposite polarity, Capricorn, is where we move out into the public sphere and must meet the world on its terms.  Pulling these two polarities into a sense of integration is inherently challenging because Cancer energy says retreat, and Capricorn energy demands a forward march, and both extremes can result in avoidance of the work at hand.  And that work is mighty; we are being asked to go into very deep and intimate places in our psyche and heal every bit of trauma that inhibits our fullest expression of integrated Self.

With all of this pull between the Opposition of Cancer and Capricorn, it is a blessing that we have a planet in the Easy Opposition position.  Neptune, the Great Spirit, takes this Opposition and divides it up into two much easier aspects.  Neptune allows us to bring our spiritual practice into our daily progress.   Remember that we are always both the little children we were when we were caught in our family dynamics, AND the grown-up beings we are today.  To the extent you are still tethered to that trauma and wound, that is the extent to which true freedom can come to you.  That freedom emanates from cultivating and developing a sustainable spiritual practice, which is where Neptune in this eclipse comes in.  This is part of the intensity of this season; our ability to connect to Spirit is getting an upgrade; when in doubt, trust the Divine.

If you are worried you are going to mess this up, or miss an opportunity, please remember that you really can’t; that is a fearful notion, and is untrue.  This eclipse is profound, but it is only one moment in the journey.  There are five planets in retrograde motion, which means there is much more happening behind (and below) the scenes right now.  Mercury’s retrograde is the one we will feel the most acutely, and since he too is returning to the Cancer mansion in a few days, the investigation and integration process has many, many layers over the next weeks and months.  Do not expect to get much clarity about all that we’re going through, and what we are creating.  Delays, and a layering in of the more that will be revealed is how we are going to figure this all out.  Eventually.

If you are still in doubt, then remember the Cancer mansion and its focus on taking care of yourself before attempting to help others.  I was having a conversation about putting one’s own oxygen mask on before helping someone else.  Do you know what happens when the brain goes into hypoxia?  You become very disoriented fast, and both physical and mental capacities diminish very rapidly.  Imagine trying to help a loved one while your own abilities to function were completely falling apart.  And yet, people live their entire lives this way.

This simple trope that most people are familiar with is a great descriptor of this entire wormhole:  Learn how to put your own needs and desires first, or your suffering will only increase.  Help yourself rise up to the highest version of who you are, and then you can serve the collective in the manner that this time demands.  But you cannot help others unless your own house is in order.  Mercury’s retrograde will delay our understanding of exactly what we have accomplished during this passage, so it may be well into August before we can really understand what this wormhole has brought to us, so hold on a little while longer.