MP3 Recording AND a copy of your natal chart!

Jupiter, the planet that brings expansion, abundance and good fortune has changed signs and moved from Libra into Scorpio. Scorpio is one of the most intense signs of the zodiac; ruled by Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, Scorpio invented change, transformation and the death/rebirth principle. It has never been more important to understand a Jupiter transit because for the next 12 months, your ability to receive and keep the Good that is your birthright will be completely dependent upon how well you allow for change to take place in various aspects of your life.

Therefore, it is crucial for you both understand what Jupiter in Scorpio means; not just for the world at large, but for you personally. That’s why I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I am designing an MP3 recorded transmission all about Jupiter in this sign and explaining exactly what it means for you based on what House in your natal chart he is traveling through, and any planets he might be hitting along the way.

For an investment of only $19.95, you get this MP3 recording AND a copy of your natal chart, in a special TEXT ONLY format that clearly shows what planets are in what signs. You will be able to follow along with the recording and understand exactly what to expect for the next 12 months and have a leg up on how to manifest the life or your dreams.

After you purchase your recording, you should receive the MP3 within 24-hours, in most cases much quicker. You will also get an email from me requesting your birth information so that I can send you a jpg of your natal chart in a format that is easy to read using text instead of glyphs for identifying what planets are in what signs. Use the chart to follow along with the recording to find out exactly how this transit is going to affect you directly.