The Sagittarius mansion is well under way as December begins. Sagittarius is the sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, and it is interesting that with the solar mansion pointing toward Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion is very activated this month. In fact, the moment this month begins, Jupiter will change signs and leave his home turf of Sagittarius after a 12-month run in this sign. This shift of Jupiter from Sagittarius to Capricorn is a difficult one. He rules Sag, and in this sign, he is the most powerful he can be. He is in “fall” in Capricorn, which just means he is at his least powerful here. For the next twelve months, the way we tap into our sense of abundance and prosperity will require more work and effort than it did for the last twelve months.

December 8th is a fairly important day that includes the completion – at last – of a very bumpy Mercury retrograde cycle. He went direct in late November, but is still wrapping things up as this month begins. This is a great moment to look back at October and November to see just how much has shifted in your experience. This date also marks the beginning of a two-month “free and clear” portion of Mercury’s cycle, where he won’t be setting us up for retrograde madness until he enters his next shadow phase in February. Anything that needs your attention from the neck up can proceed (relatively) uninhibited, so make this and next month count if you want to put some stuff out into the world without bumping into an energetic wall.

This date also features the first major Jupiter aspect from his new perch in Capricorn; a Square to Chiron. This is a transit that is likely to trigger some painful processes, so if you have been working through anything that connects to childhood wounds, or any past trauma, this transit is both healing, but absolutely triggering. You can’t heal a wound that is not uncovered, and this meeting between the Great Expander and the Great Healer is rich and juicy with the possibility of deep healing. This stepping stone transit – meaning steps will have to be taken to move through it – is leading right into the Full Moon that takes place just three days later, so any wounds that comes up as a result of this Square can be folded directly into the release mechanism that all Full Moons bring.

That Full Moon takes place on the 11th, at 19-degrees of Gemini. Across the cosmos in Capricorn, we have Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in a tight Conjunction, and holding the 150-degree aspect, the Great Eliminator angle. Talk about release mechanism! This is literally the angle of letting something from the past go, so that you might take up a new path with less baggage. This is such an important moment of personal release, especially since it is the last Full Moon of this calendar year, and next year will need us all operating at our absolute best. Gemini energy is very mental, and anything that you struggle with as a result of habitual patterns of thought are more poised to be dropped under the power of this lunation, so take a deep look at what you are ready to release, and make the most of this particular Full Moon.

On the 15th, transiting Jupiter will come into a Trine with Uranus. A sudden and exciting new opportunity may present itself during this transit and you may find yourself in exactly the state of mind to make a break in your normal routine. When Uranus is triggered, freedom is the watchword. Jupiter makes all moments big and bountiful, and this Trine at the very top of Jupiter’s sojourn through this sign will be an interesting barometer for how Jupiter in Capricorn is going to feel for you. Psychic and intuitive abilities may feature strongly as a result of this passage, and impulses to travel and expand in any number of ways may feel unavoidable as we move through the middle of this month.

We move into the Capricorn mansion on the evening of the 21st, and pass through the marker moment of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. With apologies to my readers in the southern hemisphere, this is the moment of least light, where we must turn within to find our connection to that light. When the light is diminished in the outside landscape, it becomes even more crucial to get lit up from the inside out, so mark this solstice with any of the ways that people celebrate this moment where the solar year takes a turn. This moment vibrates deep within the DNA of all human beings, for there was a time – not that long ago – when we were all governed by our earthly relationship with the Sun. Remember, once the day is the shortest, it immediately begins to increase bit by bit as we begin our journey back toward the light. If you are in Australia or NZ, simple invert this concept from least light, to most light.

A few days later on the 26th, we mark the end of the year with a New Moon at 4-degrees of Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn, and once we move into this mansion (and approach this New Moon) Saturn is in charge of everything; certainly, for the next 12 months. What makes this even more profound is that it is also a Solar Eclipse and the beginning of a wormhole. A wormhole is a concept out of quantum physics whereby a particle in one area of the universe is thought to be able to travel through a rip in the fabric and time and space, and show up in a completely different part of the universe instantaneously. We borrow that to describe the advancement in consciousness that happens when we move through the space between ellipses. We start out in one area of consciousness, but can emerge somewhere totally different just a few weeks later; there is tons of movement and growth built into every eclipse wormhole.

We are moving into the most intense years that I have seen as an astrologer, and I know many of you are overwhelmed. Please know this: Every generation has felt like the world had gone mad and that we were in danger of destroying ourselves. The spiritualist movement that started in the 1800s was in direct response to people feeling that the world was speeding up much, that we would destroy ourselves. Sound familiar? When the outside world is in chaos, we must turn within for our comfort and sense of safety. All you need to focus on is the war between your own head and your own heart. Once there is this sort of peace within the consciousness of enough people on the planet, the world at large will know Peace. We do this one person at a time, over many generations. Do your part this eclipse season by committing to set intentions that include a transformed world; and then focus on your own healing, and lifting up those around you.