Here we are at the first New Moon of the astrological new year, taking place at 1:49am PDT April 5th.  Spring has spring in the northern hemisphere, and we are moving forward toward the light.  Aries energy is all about bringing into consciousness new directions, and big pushes forward; it’s time to create something new.  And though the southern hemisphere is heading toward winter rather than summer, the Aries archetype is all about starting things up, and propelling forward in a very energized manner, whatever the ultimate destination.  As I write this, I am reminded of the song lyric, “this could be the start of something good.”

Aries is the energy that is so committed to what it believes in, it simply dives forward, without hesitation.  Aries carries with it the power to burst through any resistance or equivocation.  Use this New Moon to dial into the part of you that feels unstoppable.  Aries is all about action, and action requires inspiration.  This is what the Aries mansion is all about; that burst of impulse that starts up all movement.  Find what you are committed to bringing to the world, articulate it as simply and directly as you can, then pour that intention into the New Moon ritual you create for yourself this week.  Oh yes, and make sure it included a lot of fire, as Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac.  Think bonfire.

The big news in the background of this New starts with a true willingness to deal with the past, heal and transmute what you find there, and move on with more freedom and agility as a result of not dragging around a huge load of rage, resentment, and disappointment with you.  Pluto in Capricorn is making a connection with the South Node of the Moon as part of this lunation.  The archetypal meaning associated with the North Node is the future itself.  In a natal chart, this point represents a person’s dharma, destiny, and life purpose.  The South Node in a natal chart correlates with the past and the Kharmic entry into this life.  As these Nodes of the Moon travel backward in the sky in a 19-year cycle, they loosely represent the same thing, but applied to the Collective.  The North Node is the future that we are all moving into.  The South Node is the past that we are moving away from.

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, and his power to change and transform any landscape down to the molecular level is unmatched by any other energy that we measure with astrology.  If you are reading this, then you are probably someone interested in personal self-exploration; change and transformation as a way of life.  The presence of Pluto on the South Node today signals a long-range opportunity to allow for deep change to take place while in consideration of the past.  This is a great time if you are up to anything transformative:  Therapy, your private spiritual practice, retreats, workshops, any process designed to help you go within and clean out some Kharmic gunk will be successful beyond your expectations.

We cannot move forward easily unless we are constantly lightening our load by transmuting the past as we go.  But over in Pisces, sixty-degrees away, is a beautiful gathering of Venus, Neptune and Mercury, all steeped in the watery loveliness of the mansion that brings us closer to the Divine.  Venus and Neptune have a very direct relationship through the Love Principle.  Venus rules how we experience love in our hearts.  Neptune connects us to the higher octave of love, or Divine Love.  These two are on their way to a Conjunction in a few days that we are already feeling as this New Moon hits.

You can think of this backdrop of the New Moon as the most expansive sense of Love we are capable of experiencing as human beings on the one side (Venus/Neptune in Pisces), and the deepest capacity to change and transform even the most difficult of past patterns, traumas and challenged history on the other (Pluto/South Node in Capricorn).  Since these two groups of planets in each of these signs are relating in the geometry of 60-degrees, there is great potential for these energies to work together right now in tandem.  We use the Aries New Moon to set powerful, enthusiastic intentions for the future we are creating for ourselves.  And we allow for the power of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node to take away the weight that the past has on us.  And we use the power of personal love and Transpersonal Love to lead the way.

This lunation is in a loose, but building, Square with Saturn, the Great Teacher, so there is a sobering, restraint-bearing energy that comes along with this New Moon.  This means we can afford to be wildly ambitious with our intention setting in true Just Watch Me Do It Aries fashion. Because Saturn is in the house, any containment needed to keep things right sized will be present because of his sobering influence.  However, this New Moon also Trines (open harmony and flow) the planet Jupiter, the Great Expander (abundance and prosperity).  This New Moon has both the gas (Trine to Jupiter) and the brakes (Square to Saturn) applied at the same time.  So, once again, set your intentions with huge, Aries-related largess.  The way the world meets those intentions in the months to come will help shape them into something lasting.  But it starts now with going for it all, with gusto!

Consider the year ahead.  If you are in need of a complete, fresh, new start, this is the New Moon for you.  Even if you are not beginning from scratch, this lunation is the one to infuse a big dose of motivational energy if you feel a need to jump start anything in your life that seems stagnant or stymied.  There is no greater power to begin than the cardinal energy associated with the Aries mansion; this is the archetype that literally invented the startup impulse that lies dormant in all of us till we find a compelling reason to unleash all of our power in one, focused, leap of faith.  Have at it, everybody!