We move into the true start of the astrological new year with the Aries New Moon. The Moon moved into this first sign of the zodiac late yesterday, and at 2:28am PDT overnight, she will meet up with her beloved the Sun at 4-degrees of Aries. This is when we set intentions for both this lunar cycle, and also the year ahead. Our conscious awareness moves with the Sun, and when we recognize that and work with it, we move as the collective is moving. And we are at the beginning once again, where we first emerged and shouted, I Am.

What an interesting moment for this New Moon that is all about the self. We are all of us very much by ourselves at this moment, more or less. And as the first cardinal sign, this is where we get moving in a huge way. None of us are going anywhere these days, outside of those who are being of tremendous service in healthcare industry. Aries is the absolute archetypal formation of the individual, and the power of each of us to do our own thing fully. But we are being asked to move into some new consciousness where that individual thrust that is in our nature as human beings, doesn’t leave us disconnected from others in community, and that no one is left behind. We have a lot of growth to do in this area, and we are in a particularly dicey portion of the process. Of course, where there is growth, there are growing pains.

The planetary backdrop to this New Moon is less complex than sometimes happens, and as a result, the message to us all is pretty simple. Yesterday, Saturn moved into Aquarius and will spend the next few months putting his focus of responsibility, discipline, and life lessons in the sign where we first learned how to care for each other in community. That ingress happened just as this New Moon was getting ready to hit, and we take these new marching orders into the rest of the year. Aquarius is the sign that is most connected to the community at large, and of course, if that world community needs some help and attention right now, Saturn moving into this sign may signal a shift in how the world responds. Certainly, it will get worse before it gets better, and Saturn in this sign should help, though it will also absolutely demand more squeezes on us to better do our part.

But the real punch of this lunation is the Conjunction with Chiron, the Great Healer, along with Black Moon Lilith, who is still hanging out in the early degrees of Aries. So, we are setting new intentions, and far reaching ones at that. But we are also in a peculiar birthing of a completely new world view by virtue of the tremendous paradigm shift we are in. One the one hand, the Aries New Moon is the perfect reflection of this crazy new normal we are birthing. It is the presence of Chiron that brings the wound/healing experience we must work with, and with Black Moon Lilith along for the ride, we must also more authentically incorporate the creative/destructive feminine power that Black Moon Lilith brings to the table. Believe me, radical acceptance of disease and death is something that Black Moon Lilith would have any trouble with. We, on the other hand, probably need some work on that.

Aries is where we consider our sense of individual self, and bursting into the world with a sense of power and purpose. This is the time for fresh starts and new beginnings, and of course we are going to have to find ways to take this thrust of energy and also meet the demands that the world is placing on us now to be still in ways we have never had to negotiate before. Aries, and his ruling planet Mars, also invented things like anger and aggressiveness, so we will all have to learn how to turn such impulses into productively channeled energy right now.

Consider the future with the intentions you set; in some ways this New Moon in Aries will have some culmination with the Full Moon in Aries that happens in October, way past this moment of sequester. Consider your long-range plans, even though it is currently hard to see exactly what the future will bring. We are birthing something extraordinary, and the peculiarities of the time is a perfect launching point for a brand-new tomorrow. Once we get to the other side, there are likely to be some magnificent gifts from this time.