The Gemini New Moon will be exact at 12:42pm PDT on Wednesday, June 13th. Up until that time, we are in the Dark-of-the-Moon, the hours leading up to the New Moon when the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign. What I notice about this New Moon that fascinates me is that the accompanying planetary backdrop is very different than what has been typical as of late. Most lunations have been complimented by significant geometry – some of it quite beautiful – where major, beneficial transits fall on either side of the key moment created by the Moon and the Sun. Such is not the case with this New Moon; this one has only agitation. There have been Sesqui-Squares from each of the fast-moving planets all week, which means both our feeling mechanisms and our thought processes are rubbing up against each other in ways that will leave many of us feeling out of sorts, for such is the nature of 135-degree angles. This is not exactly a numinous and lovely set up for a yummy New Moon tomorrow.

This New Moon marks an important process of reorientation away from over-intellectualizing how we move through life. Truly, the ego mind, that part of you that orients itself to time, space, and identity is a secondary organ. We are taught, however, to award it supremacy over our lives and our sense of self. To be truly content, it must submit and serve the humanity of the body. It is through the Gemini mansion that we allowed for this misalignment to take place, so it is in this mansion that we can correct the imbalance. The movement of Mercury and Venus are actually assisting us in this by virtue of both of them changing signs on either side of this lunation.

Just before the New Moon, Mercury left his home sign of Gemini and entered Cancer, allowing the Mind’s focus to drop from the head to the belly; this happened this afternoon. Three hours after the New Moon is exact tomorrow afternoon, Venus will leave Cancer and enter Leo. So, the Mind goes to someplace introverted and the Heart leaps into perhaps the most extroverted signs of them all and we are left with a few weeks where, quite organically, we are oriented in a way that will allow our thoughts to yield to the information that is coming to us through the Emotional Body. The idea that consciousness is located above the neck is a complete and total illusion. This does not mean that it is located near where the heart beats either. We do not know where consciousness “IS.” It just is. But to say it is in the brain is a fallacy that has caused us to suffer.

Another challenging aspect of this New Moon is its relationship with Neptune in Pisces. Gemini and Pisces are 90 degrees from each other. Gemini is about thoughts, words, communication and the mental/intellectual understanding of your world. At the heart of it, Gemini is about connection, through these particular portals of thought. Pisces is all about compassion, forgiveness, and our natural orientation of oneness through Unity. Also, all about connection, but from a completely different approach. The air of Gemini and the water of Pisces may want to accomplish the exact same thing – connection – but they do it so utterly differently from each other, there is in an inherent conflict when both are present. And the fact that Neptune is standing stock still in the sky will only increase his power and objectivity to influence this moment. He goes retrograde in less than a week, and so he is stationing (appearing not to be moving at all). In this way, the confusion, self-deception, and lack of clarity that Neptune can bring is present right now full throttle.

Of course, we want to do our best to wade through that fogginess and find the clarity that is buried within. Words on the one hand, and spirit on the other. The nature of the 90-degree Square is that each side of the angle is to be honored with exact equanimity, even though the net result is conflict. We must be big enough in our consciousness so that this conflict between our water and airy nature can be contained by us. And just in case you hadn’t experienced this yet, our passage through this moment is wildly uncomfortable.

Sometimes, the best prayer or declaration we can make sounds something like this: “Amidst the chaos of my thoughts, I allow the voice of the Divine to be made clear and distinct, as my thoughts of separation fall away.” If that’s all you can manage this week, you will still be going a long way to use the Gemini New Moon to tune up your Mind, and the relationship you have with your thoughts. How would you experience each day if you TRULY knew that nothing that is unfolding has any meaning? On Face book this morning, I saw a quote by Ernest Holmes, the father of Science of Mind said that applies to what I am asking you to consider. He said, “A sin is not a thing, it is merely an activity that produces an undesirable effect in our lives. We are punished by our sins, not for them.” In other words, we are held accountable by our thoughts themselves. Choose them wisely.