We are saying goodbye to the Cancer mansion and hello to Leo in a rather dramatic fashion.  At 6:18am PDT this morning, the Moon will move into Leo, and we are in the Dark-of-the-Moon, the most fertile moment for planting seeds of intention.  We are leaving behind the most challenging passage of the year, and sailing into a month which may very well be the easiest of 2019.  Mercury is still retrograde in Cancer, but he turns around today as well, simultaneously wrapping up his foray though this mansion where feelings and self-care were invented.  It will take him another 11 days to hit Leo himself, but just the cessation of his inner pull in Cancer is something we are going to feel like so much emotional relief, once we get through this lunation.

The exact moment of the coming together of the Sun and Moon is tonight at 8:11pm PDT, so all day we are in considerations of the intentions we wish to set for this next lunar cycle.  The Leo mansion is all about the heart center, and how we move through life expressing all of the Joy that is our birthright.  Ruled by the Sun, Leo energy is all about recognizing the center of ourselves, and honoring that by claiming sovereignty over everything that falls within your domain.  I love the intimacy of the zodiac; the ruler of the Moon (Cancer) and the ruler of the Sun (Leo) are neighbors, so close that they can barely contend with how different they are.  And in terms of the solar year consciousness, we move through the inner realms of feeling and emotional safety first.  Then, after cleaning house in Cancer (there’s a pun somewhere in there), we naturally move out into the world, hopefully ready to shine all that much brighter, because we feel purified by the waters of our interior landscape.

There is a Grand Fire Trine associated with this New Moon, and a vortex of fire energy like this has the elemental capacity to burn off a lot of the watery process we are emerging from.  Grand Trines generate manifestation vortexes, especially when they take place in the element of fire.  Fire also is the purification energy of change and transformation, so that is built into this New Moon as well.  Whatever intentions you set during this New Moon will have this powerful pattern built into them.  The intentions we set right now have tremendous legs for manifesting your desires.

In the Leo corner, we have the Sun, Moon, obviously, but also Venus and Mars are in tow, so the actions we take (Mars) will also have the agreement with our hearts built into it (Venus).  The Sagittarius corner of the triangle is Jupiter, the Great Expander, and the fact that he is participating in this New Moon is good indeed, for it means the blessings of abundance are completely available for us to grab onto.  The Aries end involves Chiron, and so the bounty of the moment is directly tied to all of the healing work we have been actively engaged in, especially this past month.

Mercury is stationing with this New Moon, and the planet that rules the Mind will turn around after a particularly grueling retrograde in Cancer.  That station happens 45-minutes after the New Moon is exact.  This is simply outrageous timing.  This astrologer happens to love precision, so this lining up of two major gear shifts is a stunning synchronicity, which increases the power of this New Moon exponentially.  But make no mistake about it, we use Mercury to focus our manifestation mojo, and the fact that he starts this day facing backward, but turns around just as today’s lunation is exact, takes our mind’s activation of everything we focus on today, and takes it, step by step, into the future as he starts his forward trek.

And though Mercury’s slow movement right now may delay this New Moon’s ability to bring movement and new opportunities, the fact that Mercury will head back into Leo starting now means yet another focus on the Leo mansion in the coming weeks.  We still have a bit of time before the planet that rules our thoughts and conversations will join the Leo party, but it’s coming.  If nothing else, it is an energetic blessing that with the end of the most challenging lunar cycles of the year, one of the threads of that challenge – Mercury’s retrograde – is complete at the very same moment.   Hallelujah!