The New Moon at 5-degrees of Libra takes place this morning at 11:27am PDT. Libra is where we explore relationships, and consciousness as an outward reflection of our inner landscape. What you experience in your outer life operates as a direct expression of the mental and emotional equivalent that you hold of it. Your vibrational frequency is directly manifest in the world of form, and this is an invention of the Libra mansion. The first six signs of the zodiac are where we are created as individuals. Once we get to the top of the chart (Libra through Pisces), we begin to interact in the world at large, and the entryway to that is the balancing and harmonizing scales of Libra. The days and nights are of equal length in both hemispheres, and we seek to bring this sense of equanimity into all of our affairs.

The biggest participation in this lunation is the Conjunction between Saturn and the South Node that wrapped up yesterday. Saturn is the arbiter of the life lessons we move through, and the South Node is the point that holds the past, our karmic baggage, and all of the stuff we have to clear out in order to move toward our dharma and life purpose. The process of diving into the past for a deep healing began in earnest this past spring. In April, and then again in July, we were driven by the Great Teacher to clear out the karmic plaque that is ready to be released at this time. I think it is profoundly elegant that that transit, which has been so difficult to move through, completes itself just as this beautiful New Moon ushers us into our next chapter.

And not for nothing, Venus and Jupiter are dancing in a Sextile as we move through the kickoff to the Libra journey that this next month will be. The 60-degree angle is the geometry of productivity and movement. And since the players are love and abundance, or Venus and Jupiter, we benefit when setting intentions for this next lunar cycle. Feeling deserving of such bounty is where the work is for most human beings, and those thoughts and feelings of unworthiness are stored in our collective South Node. Saturn wrapping up his six-month sojourn with the South Node one day before this beautiful New Moon hits, is elegant; we finish up some deep work and then we get to set intentions in the mansion that practically invented love. To have Venus and Jupiter in their most dynamic dance possible as part of the New Moon thrust of energy, makes love, deserving, forgiveness, harmonizing, balance, and feeling whole and complete much more accessible than is typical. We can use this flow of positive energy as we consider how we want to steward our energies as we move into the next chapter of our experience.

Uranus is playing an interesting part in this New Moon by holding an Inconjunct with the Sun. This 150-degree angle is a subtle one in terms of power, but it is one that I focus on as a spiritual teacher in a big way because it is the angle of choice. Make new choices now, and watch your future unfold in a completely different way down the line. Keep making the same choices, and, well, you know what that will bring you. Uranus is the lighting flash energy that can actually create a paradigm shift, and if you are in a place in your life right now where you could use some assistance in getting off of an old path and onto a new one, this New Moon is perfectly set up to provide just such a course correction. With Uranus, of course, that change in your path may come from the outside in an unexpected reversal, out of the blue incident, or other sudden need to respond to some sort of outside force or circumstance. When Uranus is in the house, you never know what to expect.

When considering the intentions to set under the influence of this lunation, be sure to pay close attention to the things you need to release in order to create something new. Sun and Uranus in an Inconjunct is a release angle, and the Sun’s participation means we may be more consciously aware of the shift that needs to occur. Venus and Neptune are also making the same Great Eliminator angle, so there is yet another thread in there that implies if we don’t have the esteem to attract the thing we desire, this moment has some support to help us release additional blocks to love.

While not everyone is looking for love and romance (because you either have it, or you’re not seeking it at this juncture), I can use that idea to illustrate how I see this New Moon working for us (this is the Libra New Moon, after all). Imagine you are single and looking for a partner, you might list all of the qualities of that desired mate. The very next question to ask yourself is, “Am I the person I need to be in order to attract this person with all of these qualities?” You can apply this to anything you wish to attract into your life. Get very clear during this New Moon as to what that is. And then make sure to ask yourself if you feel you deserve it. If ever there were a lunar cycle designed to help us to move into more deserving, it is this one (and the next one as well, but I get ahead of myself).