At the very end of this day, we reach the next lunar cycle as the Moon and the Sun come together at 15-degrees of Sagittarius. This takes place at 11:51pm PST, so in fact this happens for most of you on Friday. Over in the UK and in those longitudes, this hits you as the day gets started. Even those of you down under get this wave of energy in the middle of your Friday evening. We are in Jupiter’s territory, with Jupiter in his home sign, and the lunation just a few degrees away from the Great Expander, the intentions we set under this influence should be focused on everything in Jupiter’s domain. Abundance, prosperity, expansion, travel, education, stimulation of all kinds, the need and desire to expand beyond where you find yourself now. If you know where Sagittarius falls in your natal chart, this is a particularly rich New Moon to move in the direction of whatever house this New Moon falls in.

The background accompaniment to this New Moon is a Grand Water Trine that’s been brewing for many weeks now with Chiron, the North Node, and at this moment, Mercury, all at 27 degrees of the water signs. This Grand Water Trine means business, for sure, as three planets in such a configuration is like a manifestation vortex. Each of the water signs are chock full of energy – Pisces features Chiron (the Great Healer), and through the connectedness and Unity-consciousness of this mansion, we are being healed at the very deepest level. Cancer, and the mansion of the Divine Mother, is where the Great Way Shower (North Node of the Moon) is ushering us into a future that is more focused on the power of Feminine as it attempts to find new balance and presence on the Planet. Currently, the Scorpio corner is being held by the retrograding Mercury, who turned direct an hour before I posted this article. That puts the activations of the Mind in a very powerful position. Like a slingshot, Mercury in Scorpio will go from the innermost reaches of our ability to think and perceive, to suddenly facing front once again. What’s crazy is that he does this just a few hours before the New Moon is exact. Everything he has been helping us discover and integrate over the past few weeks can be present for this intention setting moment.

To really understand this moment, we have to start with the pattern we’ve been dealing with for so long, the Grand Water Trine, and the fact that Mercury’s retrograde completes itself today. There is a date to hearken back to which is so fun and interesting, it falls directly into the you-can’t-make-this-shit-up category. Look back to the end of October, anywhere between the 27th and 31st of October. Mercury and Jupiter met up in the sign of Scorpio. 27-degrees of Scorpio to be exact, the same degree that Mercury is right now holding up his corner of the Grand Water Trine, and turning around. Jupiter was there on the front end, and Jupiter is all over this back-end moment of the Mercury retrograde. This simply has to bode well for our intention setting being directly connected to the inner process we’ve been engaged in. We can all benefit from Jupiter in his own sign over the next 12 months. This is the intention setting moment that is directly connected to this planet, so be big and bold with what you declare yourself ready to create.

There is a beautiful joining up of Mars and Neptune that is exact as part of this New Moon. Mars is the planet of action, and Neptune is the Great Spirit. I don’t know if I need to spell it out for you how lovely it is to have our choices, decisions, actions, and movement so well aligned with our connection to faith, and surrender to the spiritual guidance we practice so diligently to be receptive to. What is most interesting however, is that at 13-degrees of Pisces, this lovely transit is in a Square with the New Moon, the angle of conflict and obstacle. I’m not concerned, because Squares are building blocks or stepping stones, and though they are usually a bit uncomfortable, it is through such geometry that all good and lasting things are built on 90-degree angles (think of actual structures, after all). That said, there is some conflict in the air today and tomorrow, so have a good and productive direction for that energy.

Meditate on Mercury during these next few days. Sagittarius is certainly a mentally stimulating archetype, but it wants to look at everything, so it can be hard to use this energy to focus on one thing. Mars and Neptune in Pisces are lovely, but are bringing absolutely no clarity or even structure to the table, because that is not at all the domain of this sign. Even the increased water in the atmosphere makes succinct clarity difficult to find. Mercury will turn around just as the Dark-of-the-Moon slams the Moon and the Sun together. In that fertile dark place, you can find the still small voice within, it may just have a ton of important information for you. Get quiet and listen, and put anything you discover into powerful language of intention, and then let Jupiter do the rest now, and in the year to come.