We have completed one of the most complex lunar cycles of our calendar year; and today marks the turning of the wheel such that we start our next lunar cycle with the New Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun and the Moon will come together at 7:05am PST, and we are kicking the Sagittarius mansion off to a spirited start with an intention setting moment in the sign where we first learned that joy was our birthright. Sagittarius is all about expansion; travel, education, spiritual belief systems, all of the ways that life feels stimulating and fun. The archer that is this sign’s avatar has the compelling need to shoot his arrows into absolutely everything, and he loves every moment of this mode of expression. This is the moment to find your inner archer, and consider exactly where you want your arrows to land in the year to come.

It is fairly important in this intention setting moment that you have some measure of clarity about where you want to head, as there is a powerful navigating pattern being formed in the cosmos with this New Moon; a Finger of God, or Finger of Fate if you prefer, between the New Moon as the way pointer, and the backup engine being formed by Uranus and the North Node of the moon. This long narrow triangle of energy helps us make small, but important choices now, that lead us into very different territory in the future. This geometry is what is behind those stories that turn out like, “If this hadn’t happened, and that hadn’t happened, I would never have gotten to this marvelous thing now.” This moment refers to the “this and that” elements of the last sentence.

Please don’t overthink this, but this is how important your sense of direction and focus needs to be, with the intentions you set at this time. How this geometry works is that the New Moon itself is the leading energy, propelling us forward with a new beginning that is dialed into every lunar cycle. There are two threads of small impulses to change directions, one that touches Uranus and brings this planet’s capacity to wake things up with a bolt of lighting into the mix. If you need things to change, and if that change requires a miracle, you need Uranus to participate. The other piece of geometry is between the New Moon and the North Node, the point that holds the future itself in its hands. When the North Node is stimulated by a New Moon, you can bet your direction in life is going to be triggered, and this geometry means a fork in the road. Put them together, and you have a powerful navigating mechanism that, through small adjustments now, can take you into a magnificently different future, but we must adjust our direction now in order to catch the wind in our sales that is available to us now.

Venus and Jupiter got together at the same degree point over this past weekend, and that may have offered a tremendous wave of love and blessings. As soon as this took place on Saturday, Venus left Sagittarius and entered Capricorn, where how we focus on love will change quite dramatically. In this sign, we are focused on our commitments and responsibilities in our intimate relationships, and we go from a sign where Venus wants a lot of stimulation, into a mansion where she is steadfast and focused. In this way, her first transit in this sign is an important one; a Square with Chiron, and another opportunity to wrestle with the healing process that we find ourselves in at this time.

Also in the past few days, the Sun moved into Sagittarius, and immediately formed a Trine with Chiron, shining some light of conscious awareness into the mysterious realm in which all healing takes place. This passing Square from Venus to the Great Healer is likely going to bring us some sort of conflict or steppingstone we have to navigate based on bumping into where our heart is closed. I like to think of it this way: Venus and Jupiter was like a celebration of all of the previous work that we’ve done in recent months to feel and give more love, and trust the abundant flow that our journey’s afford us. Today we simply move on to the next healing process, or a deepening of the healing process we are already engaged in, and we fold all of what we have been uncovering, discovering, and discarding, into the New Moon process of planting seeds for the future. With a clearer heart, it is easier to know where to point this powerful mechanism of creating your life with your desires and intentions leading the way.

This is a great moment to truly consider where you want to go, and don’t’ be afraid to be rebellious, or to think way, way, way outside of the box. Two days ago, Mars the planet of action and Uranus, the assertive energy that can change anything, came into an Opposition. Oppositions force things to occur, and that explosive thread is built directly into this New Moon as well, and the degree point of 4-degrees of Sagittarius, where this New Moon is hitting, forms a Great Eliminator angle with this powerful and dynamic energy that has freedom and autonomy all over it. Let go of the past, go your own way, and do it with gusto and unabashed courage. Decide how you want to set the world on fire next year, and begin now by imagining the life of your wildest dreams.