At 8:02am PST, the Moon will Conjunct the Sun at 15-degrees of Scorpio, and we come to what is arguably the ultimate New Moon of the year.  All New Moons are made up of the same recipe; the conscious mind (Sun) and the unconscious (Moon) in alignment, agreement, and focused in the same direction.  This is what gives the notion of setting intentions such force at the New Moon, because we have our conscious mind defining what we want to create for ourselves in a rational way, with the influence of the unconscious (which is the much more powerful realm) adding the true manifestation mojo needed to actually create new directions in our lives.  However, it is the background picture that makes one lunation stand out above all others of this year.

This one has a tremendous intensity of planetary participation built into it.  This New Moon is ruled by Pluto, the inventor of death, and the rebirth that inevitably follows.  A Trine with Neptune brings the Great Spirit directly into the mix, so we are well supported by whatever practice we have that connects us to the Divine.  And with the Nodes, Uranus, and Jupiter all changing signs essentially at the same time, there is an experience of unprecedented gear-shifting that this New Moon is bringing to us.  Scorpio is about transformation for sure, and that is the go-to quality of this archetype.  However, Scorpio also rules our shared resources, how we collaborate with others, how we relate to the mystery of life itself, our relationship with the shadow, and how we meet change on the road to happy destiny.

Considering there is so much power behind this New Moon with all of the planets changing signs, I almost don’t know where to start to describe the planetary setup of this moment.  I’ll go with an astrological principle that tells us, “the slowest planet wins,” meaning, the slower the movement of the planet in question, the stronger that planet’s participation is likely to be.  In this way, the biggest player of the day is Uranus, the Great Awakener.  He is moving from Aries to Taurus this year, but will do this in layers.  Where he goes, so goes the sudden and unexpected energetic impulses that lead to us rising up to higher levels of awareness, which usually come out of the blue.  By returning to Aries for a few months, we have a new (or perhaps we will be revisiting an old one) call to action before he is ready to settle into his 7-8 year run through Taurus in the early part of next year.  There are big changes many of us are up to that are just going to take much longer than we may have initially anticipated.  New possibilities that you may have been exploring last May are likely to get another push forward at this time, though we still a third pass of this process next February, so make sure that anything you are up to, you’re in it for the long haul.

The Nodes of the Moon change signs as well; the North Node in particular, points to what energy is leading us most directly into the future.  The sign change of the Nodes is significant for us, but it is thematic in nature, and this sign change in and of itself can’t generate events the way a planetary ingress can.  That said, the synchronicity of the Nodes doing this sign-change-dance along with Uranus AND Jupiter, and we have one of those you-can’t-make-this up moments.  In this way, I can certainly say with confidence that this New Moon changed the course of direction for all of us on the planet, though exactly how that will play out in the future is anyone’s guess.  The next 18-month cycle for the North Node of the Moon will find it in Cancer, and our collective focus turns much more toward the Divine Feminine, self-care as primary, and a call for all of us to bring a gentler, more nurturing, energy of safety into the world around us.

The fastest moving planet that is changing signs is Jupiter.  There is something so perfect about the timing of Jupiter spending the last 13 months in Scorpio, and just as he feels done with this mansion, we have a New Moon in this transformative sign.  It’s as if the Great Expander has done all he can to help us become better at manifestation, which has definitely been part of Jupiter’s journey through the crucible of Scorpio, the sign of the zodiac most connected with the power of manifestation.  The blessing and boon of this cannot be underestimated.  If you look at this New Moon through Jupiter’s lens, the story is absolutely about getting bigger and better and more expansive in any and every way you desire, and Jupiter will carry all of that enthusiasm into the Sagittarius mansion, helping us expand into the next 13 months with more optimism and excitement for the future than we have had access to in a while.

The world you woke up into today is not the same world you went to sleep in last night.  In some ways, we are moving fast through territory where we really can’t see where we’re going.  If you have a sense of vision for your life, and I’m guessing if you are attracted to astrology as a tool, then you are indeed someone who has a vision for your life, go back to fundamental basics with this New Moon.  If you know what house in your natal chart Scorpio falls into, that will be helpful in terms of directing your focus.  Also, if you have any planets or points within the spread of 12 to 17 of any sign, then this New Moon is geometrically involving the planet or point in question.  How do you wish to share your gifts and talents with the world in order to change the world that you see around you?  If ever there were a trope that applied to this New Moon, it might relate to, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”