The New Moon hits this evening at 8:38pm PDT and will take place at 4-degrees of Scorpio. Across the cosmos, at 4-degrees of Taurus, is Uranus, and in this way, this New Moon packs a truly remarkable punch. Firstly, the participation of any planet in a New Moon is significant, and raises the energetic stakes of that lunation. Secondly, if the geometry is precise, the transit has even more power. In this case, the Opposition is exact to within 12-minutes of space – that’s less than 1/5th of a degree. Every degree is divided into sixty minutes, so this angle is more precise than you could draw on a piece of paper; you’d need a ruler to get this accurate. And thirdly, there is the power that Uranus, the Great Awakener, has in his bolt of lightning, which is poised to strike all over this New Moon. His power to change things rather suddenly will be in everything we do as we move through this next lunar cycle.

When the Sun and Uranus come into this yearly meetup from across the cosmos, you can expect exposure to, or confrontation with, ideas and information which can change the status quo. There may be surprises and reversals all over these days as we move from the Libra mansion lunar cycle into this Scorpio mansion. Uranus is all about change, unconventional behavior, and the sort of possibility that exists when we are completely willing to take risks and express our own unique individuality. When considering this transit and the energy of the few days that surround it, all I can say is, expect the unexpected. But more importantly, this is a moment to truly do you – as Uranus, and his ruling sign Aquarius, are all about being the unique individual that only you bring to the world.

This entire lunar cycle is shaped by this geometry, and many people will experience a tremendous shakeup as we move through the rest of the Scorpio mansion. When considering what intentions to set, this is the moment to go deep, and request a miracle. Scorpio has the power to transform any situation in your life. Uranus is the miracle maker, the lighting flash that can change anything on a dime. Use this New Moon to steward that level of power in the direction of what you desire. And not for nothing, Scorpio is the sign that invented desire in the first place, so honor that as you consider how to meet this New Moon moment.

Interestingly, there is a backdrop planetary aspect that is also participating in this New Moon that will provide the counterbalance to the instability that Uranus is bringing to the table. Mars will Square Saturn, and that aspect in and of itself could bring the tremendous frustration that comes when life slams on the brakes. But at the same time, without this contracting energy, the expansive thrust that Uranus can bring would fly us off the planet without an anchor. Mars is all about movement and action, and Saturn – if he participates at all – is usually bringing a pace-setting process. Efforts at control and/or uncomfortable restraint are the hallmark of this transit, but the value is in the slowdown that Mars/Saturn is sure to bring.

A few words of note about this energy and the day’s sensation. Mars in Libra is already subject to passive aggression and frustration. Add Saturn to the mix, and there could be some lessons on tap about being assertive over aggressive. Be sure to know what you want over these few days, and ask for it directly, or you may find yourself in some relational challenges. And not for nothing, this is a setup for accidental conditions, so move about slowly (meaning, heed Saturn’s demand to slow down more than Mars’ impulse to speed up) as this transit, along with the flash of energy from Uranus, could produce the breakdowns that occur when you are moving faster than the natural pace at which your heart and body wish to move.

Mars will also Inconjunct Neptune as part of this New Moon, and that Great Eliminator angle may have the artifact of uncovering some previously hidden material, as Neptune has that capacity to confuse and obfuscate things. A Mars Inconjunct with Neptune is like peeling back a layer of fog to see more clearly something that is just below the surface. In this way, the current New Moon may reveal some hidden material; certainly, this entire mansion’s focus on the hidden and mysterious means that we are all in a process of uncovering, discovering and discarding things that emerge up out of the unconscious as we go. The more willing you are to allow things to change shape without gripping too hard on the form you are demanding, the better off you will be. This will become more apparent in the Taurus Full Moon in two weeks, as Taurus is where we invented form, but in Scorpio, we learn how to allow that form to change shape, but to really lean into that, we must relinquish control and attachment to form.

If you find yourself knocked off balance by something unexpected, I urge you to get your focus out of the “story” of what is happening for you, and lean into the archetypal power of the moment. We set our intentions, and then we have to get out of the way and allow the mechanism of consciousness to take our plans, and do with them what it will. In some ways, this New Moon has a life of its own, so truly, go big in your intentions, but then take the hands off the wheel because nothing is within your control. It never is, but this lunation takes that notion to a whole other level. Scorpio is where Shadow work is done, and Mercury is going to take a deep dive into this mansion in just a few days. Whatever we ground into our intentionality right now is likely to take us on a fascinating journey over this lunar cycle and into December.

The gift of Scorpio is alchemy and transformation; death and rebirth. This is a perfect New Moon to practice what it is to be very clear about what you desire to create, without attachment. Can you grab your vision with the mightiest of grips, but with your hands completely relaxed and open, palms up? We set powerful intentions, and then allow some to live and some to die, based on how the world is currently ready to meet you. This is how we truly create magnificent lives, so have at it.