The New Moon in Taurus takes place at 3:44pm PDT today, at the 15th degree of the first earth sign of the zodiac. It has been such an unstable and chaotic time, and there is certainly a grounding quality to this lunation, which should be a welcome sensation. Taurus energy is stabilizing, and we could certainly use a dose of this right now. The 15th degree of Taurus is also known as a secondary world axis point; which means this lunation happens at a placement in the ecliptic that more people on the planet will naturally dial into, even if that degree point doesn’t impact your natal chart directly. World axis points are single degree demarcations that imply a more direct connection between what is happening out there in the collective, and what we each feel as individuals on the planet. These points include the 0-degree of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and the 15th degree of each of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). In this way, we all get to tap into this Venus ruled New Moon in a more direct way than is typical.

The Taurus mansion is where we experience abundance, prosperity, and all of the sensuous delights that life has to offer. Taurus is the first earth sign, and so it is where we looked around to where the I Am burst of consciousness that Aries brought us to. First the Void (Pisces), then the jump into the I Am (Aries), and then Taurus invents the earth and in the evolution of our consciousness, we arrive at the rewards of being in a body. Venus rules Taurus, but she also has dominion over Libra. The Libra mansion takes care of the relationship department, but in Taurus, we are dealing with Venus as expressed as money, luxury, comfort, and the richness of the earth herself. This is the time to dig deep (earth sign pun) and set powerful intentions that reflect your desires for more of the Good that is your birthright.

Taurus energy is grounded and stabilizing. Remember that much of the challenging energy that we are moving through right now can be traced to the powerful stelium in Capricorn made up by Pluto, Saturn and the South Node. This New Moon is an easy geometrical relationship with this powerhouse of transformational energy. Pluto can purify anything, and Saturn brings the discipline to get things done. Intentions set under the influence of today’s New Moon, can have this tremendous amount of power and steadfastness built into them, and the stabilizing influence from Taurus can be called upon during this lunation for a greater sense of grounding if that has felt elusive in these past weeks.

There is some really powerful prosperity consciousness built into this New Moon, beyond the Taurus connections to money and finances. As the Great Expander, Jupiter is the social planet that reflects our consciousness of abundance. In order to create any expansion or abundance in our outside world, we have to be able to conceive of it in our inside world. He is just starting his retrograde journey, and so he is ripe for helping us with any intention setting, since setting intentions is an inside experience. Of course, Jupiter is how we conceive of prosperity, if we want to create something or take action of any sort, we need Mars in the mix. It is through the Planet of Action that we actually make new things happen in our lives. To have these two in an Opposition during this New Moon means we are poised for a burst of action, and should find more motivation in the weeks and months to come as Mars continues his trek around the zodiac.

There’s even more assistance in this lunation that may provide the crucial setup that can be hard to find. Over to the side in the Aries mansion, we find Venus and Mercury. They are Trining Jupiter, which puts both mind and heart in alignment with where we want to go. You see, congruence is everything, without it, we can not create in a direct fashion. Your mind can be gung-ho to make something happen, but if in your heart you don’t believe you deserve it, it will never come to be. This New Moon has hidden within it a way that could find us all in perfect alignment; mind, heart, and body. The Mind (Mercury) sees where it wants to go, the Heart Venus) provides the fuel and fertilizer to make those seeds of intention grow, and the Body (Mars) allows us to put our walk into the picture and help us take the actionable steps to expand our vision into creation (Jupiter).

Now, we can’t have a conversation about abundance and prosperity without having a conversation about deserving. Taurus is all about the reward, and so if part of your narrative toward more prosperity in your life is feeling like you deserve more, than this New Moon is all about that for you. If you have felt particularly thrown off balance by the chaos of late, remember that Taurus is the sign that invented our concept of stability, making this also a time to generate a greater sense of grounding to support all you desire to create. Earth sign lunations need something to reflect this element, so use your body and don’t be afraid to make some sound, as Taurus rules the throat. If there was a sign where the sound of aum lives; it is here. There’s nothing quite like the power of declaring your intentions and sending them out into the fertile soil of manifestation on the sound of creation itself. Have at it!