The New Moon in Virgo was exact at 3:36am PDT, in the wee hours here in the west, just as this day got started. And just as in the past months, we have a stelium with all of the personal planets. Mercury just entered Virgo to join the Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus. That’s every personal planet moving together from mansion to mansion. Part of the power built into this pattern is that we are all moving collectively through the mansions of the zodiac throughout this entire year. Through this collective, we are all being impacted on the personal level in somewhat the same fashion. There is a strong navigational thread that is following the natural evolution of the zodiac itself. And now that we have reached the Virgo mansion, everything is about the body, and the principle of embodiment that I have adopted as my marketing tag line: Your Ambassador to Conscious Embodiment.

To me, the word embodiment is everything. We are living in a body. We are pure energy and vibration that, at its most dense point, becomes physicalized in form here in this three-dimensional world that we are told is an illusion. How we live in that body is what determines our level of happiness and serenity. Sometimes the mind wants things that the body doesn’t want. This New Moon is ruled by Mercury, as Mercury has rulership over Virgo, so the mind is front and center in this mansion. However, Virgo is not the same “mind territory” as Gemini where thoughts rule. Virgo and her relationship to mind implies a perfect balance and alignment with what we think (Mercury), what we feel (Venus), and therefore, how we choose and act (Mars).

Virgo is where we invented processes, systems, the literal physical body, detailed and complex constructs of all sorts, and the capacity to understand how things are put together. When I was a boy, I just loved to take things apart to see how they worked; this is Virgo in action, and this image may be a good one to represent what this next lunar cycle is going to be all about. We may feel a bit all over the place as a result of the last few lunar cycles. All of the personal planets moving through the Virgo mansion during this next lunar cycle is going to go a long way to help us to find the new structure in our consciousness as a result of all of the deconstruction we have been moving through this year. The Full Moon in Pisces is going to be all about how we bring spirit (Pisces) into our experience through our bodies (Virgo), and so the entire lunar cycle is about embodiment.

There is an adage that all healing happens at the level of the Mind. It is with our thinking that we create everything about our experience. All thought creates form at some level, and remember, a feeling is a form. Have you been in emotional challenge these last few months? It’s your thinking. Have you been suffering through a resentment or two? It’s your thinking. Have you felt wounded and brutalized by your life, and you just can’t seem to see an end to it? It’s your thinking. Change your thoughts and you can change your life. Your mind from the neck up is, in fact, the only thing we can change, and this lunar cycle is designed to usher in a new level of healing your instrument – your body – for moving through your life with more grace, ease, happiness, and the benefit of healed trauma. But it all starts and ends with the mind.

This is why my physical fitness is such an important part of my spiritual practice. And also, why, ipso-facto, it’s about the breath, for the body and the breath are not distinguishable in terms of consciousness. Now you don’t have to get crazy and start doing CrossFit like I do; a walk around the block will put you squarely in your body. You do not have to become a trained singer, but every time you take a deep breath and are consciously aware of not only taking that breath, but how the energy of that breath moves through your body, then you are doing breathwork. It is incredibly important to be able to understand the language through which your body speaks to you. The Virgo mansion is where the mind and the body get down to business, and this is how we can learn to listen to the body with more care and accuracy.

Two outer planets are participating in this New Moon in a big way. The entire Virgo stelium is in a Trine with Uranus, the Great Awakener. Uranus accelerates everything we are up to by adding the element of speed, unexpected turns in the road, and inspiration that comes directly from the higher octave of the Mind. If there is something new on the horizon for you, you can be assured it will come as a surprise. Uranus is famous for reversals, so don’t be surprised if this month brings some unexpected endings as well as beginnings, as this next lunar cycle unfolds. Trust that anything that comes along, or anything that suddenly goes away, is doing so for your highest good, as that is what Uranus is always bringing, even if how he does that seems destructive or upsetting.

Pluto is also putting his hand into this lunation from his place over in Capricorn. So much is changing, dying off, breaking down. It is up to us to move through these various death/rebirth experiences with as much grace as we can muster. But without the presence of shadow, we would not know where to do the work. Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld who invented the shadow, is interacting with this New Moon in the subtle, but agitating angle of the Sesqui-Square. This is that 135-degree angle that I often describe as the itch that alerts us that something is not quite right. The best use of this subtle but definite presence of power struggles and dark material splashing up out of the unconscious is as a tool of excavation. It is to be used to help you identify what structure of consciousness needs your attention. Please use any challenges that have been coming your way this week to help you identify what patterns and habits of consciousness to work on.

Of course, if you are not using this energy to its highest benefit, then you may find yourself stuck in conflict with the outside world. We can use this material to instruct and guide us, or we can take it up and go chasing our angers and resentments as if they have meaning. They do not. But they offer us the chance to know who we are better by showing us exactly where we are still being knocked off balance (thank you Uranus) by fears, power struggles, and wishes that things were unfolding a little more easily. Life is hard, and then we die. Pluto knows this, and will not shrink back from revealing what we need to see in order to let go more fully of control and the illusion that what we think and believe is right and true, and others are wrong. End that fight in enough individuals on the planet, and we will have Peace for Humanity at last.