At 11:00am PDT Sunday morning, the New Moon will be exact at 17 degrees of Virgo. That correlates to 7:00pm in London, and those of you down under get this on Monday in the wee hours of the morning. There are two major players in this intention-setting, seed-planting moment. Neptune and Pluto are participating in today’s lunation, with the Great Spirit holding court from the opposite side of the cosmos, and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, doing what is known as an Easy Opposition to the entire proceeding. Let’s break these down.

The beauty of the Pisces/Virgo continuum is that this is where we experience the trajectory between Spirit and Flesh. Pisces is where we are connected to all that there is; the Christ Consciousness, Unity, and the infinite field of creative possibility that is the underpinning of all of existence. The ruler of Pisces is Neptune and at 15 degrees of Pisces, 2018 finds him exactly hallway into his trek through this mansion (2011 – 2025). By holding court at the opposite side of the solar system from where the Sun and the Moon are, Neptune lights up this fundamental structure that finds the mystery of the universe on the one side, and the human body expressing that mysterious life force on the other.

It’s as if this New Moon is saying to us loud and clear, and in no uncertain terms: We Are That. We are Spirit made manifest inside of a Body, expressing the Divine in human form in this profound mystery that is both ecstatic and terrifying. The complexities of life are not lost on the Virgo mansion, and this is where we lean into trusting that we know more than we think we do; we know how to construct our lives perfectly as an instinct from deep within us. Virgo knows beyond us “figuring things out.” I can’t tell you how many times I have had to help a person relinquish the false notion that they needed to figure out what to do as a function of something done well in advance of decision making moments. This falls into the same category of imagining that worrying about something is akin to doing something about it. These are entirely false belief systems, and Virgo understands this and transcends the limitations of the mind. We are guided in all sorts of ways, with intelligence that comes to/through us through different mechanisms, all designed to help us navigate across the bridge of this opposition from what is formless into what is the ultimate form; our bodies themselves.

All Oppositions are fundamentally challenging; it is a very tense geometry. So, when a third planet holds space between two planets in Opposition to each other, that third planet can be placed in such a way to both participate, and assist. Pluto is doing that today by Trining the New Moon and continuing to hold his Sextile to Neptune. Life is indeed terrifying, and it is Pluto who allows us comfort in the depths of that terror, so his participation in today’s proceedings is fortuitous. It is as if life is saying to us, “though this being in a body is brutal, there is a natural connection we all have to the gravitas that allows us to show up each day, despite the true inherent risk that being alive entails. Pluto, and his access to the Shadow, death itself, and all of the most intense aspects of our humanity, is right by our side as we seek to reup our commitment to life that each New Moon exemplifies. Life is hard; we say yes anyway.

Virgo New Moon intentions are best focused on health, the body, and anything that requires inventory, organization, and integration. We have just been through so much deconstruction, and though we aren’t quite done with that process (Venus still has to go retrograde after all), it is not too soon to begin putting things back together. We do that with this lunar cycle, and one thing we want to call in right now is Trust – that the process is organic, and it is taking care of itself as we move forward. Yes, we have to figure things out, but let’s remember that we want to continue to cultivate the intelligence of the body, which speaks to us in a different language than the mind.

If you know where Virgo is in your chart, and/or if you have any planets or angles in and around 17 degrees of any sign, then this New Moon will hit you more directly. Virgo loves the body to be moving through space in whatever way works for you, so if you are inclined to ritualize this moment, make sure you are moving in some way, as opposed to being in stillness.