Here we are at the top of the new year, and already we are diving into an eclipse wormhole.  The exact moment of this New Moon at 15-degrees of Capricorn is today at 5:28pm PST, so technically this happens on the morning of the 6th for those of you across the Atlantic, and on Sunday mid-day for my readers in the southern hemisphere.

Let’s start by breaking down what an eclipse is.  All of consciousness can be thought of in terms of the light of the Sun beaming its warmth and energy out into space, and the Earth/Moon reflecting that light back.  The Sun is the masculine Father God energy, and the Earth and her Moon are the feminine Mother Goddess energy.  Their interaction is never ending, and we are the Beings of consciousness designed to be able to look out at the Universe and marvel at its existence.  Every six months, the geometrical relationship of the Earth, Sun and Moon come into a particular alignment such that a shadow passes between both luminaries as part of that month’s New and Full Moon.

If we didn’t get a regular, periodic, break from that relentless exchange, the system would become overwhelmed.  So, every six months like clockwork, the alignment of the moving bodies allows the shadow of the Moon to pass between us and the Sun in a solar eclipse, and the shadow of the Earth to pass over the face of the Moon in a lunar eclipse.  This has exactly the same (symbolic) effect on us as turning a computer off, and then on again.  All software that has been recently uploaded can now be accessed, and anything slowing down and dragging on the system gets automatically reset, and the whole mechanism works much more efficiently.  Eclipses have this impact on us and our consciousness, as we move through our lives.

The association of eclipses as dark omens is something that I dismiss in our modern age.  Back in the day hundreds and thousands of years ago, eclipses were thought to be portents of bad things to come.  That may have seemed apropos centuries ago, but today we understand that bad things happen all the time.  And eclipses happen twice a year.  There is indeed a predictive quality to eclipses because of something called the Saros Cycle (advanced astrology), but the ancient connection between an eclipse and calamity is not something that this astrologer finds interesting or valid.

Eclipse moments are like typical lunations, but with much, much higher stakes.  We set intentions in a New Moon Solar Eclipse, and we harvest the benefits of the creations we are manifesting and release what no longer serves during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  But the stakes are raised, and the long-range impact is greater.  And not for nothing, Capricorn is pretty aligned with goals you have on the ground, so while I tend to focus on the spiritual potential of a moment, this eclipse is very well structured to help you set powerful and tangible intentions for the year ahead.  There is, built into this year, a great sense of focus and discipline.  Take advantage of that in this eclipse, and set intentions that directly connect with what you want to accomplish as this year plays out.

In the background of the eclipse is the perfecting of the Grand Water Trine with Venus coming into a 120-degree angle with Chiron, the Great Healer.  I’m going to call this the moment of completion of all that our heart chakras went through this past year.  Venus is just two days away from leaving Scorpio, a sign that she spent essentially four months in; long enough to completely change and transform how we give and receive love, and relate to money in a healthier manner.  This pattern has been in place for months now as well, and this is the final moment of it, and it ties directly into the eclipse geometry to form a Kite Formation.  Kite’s fly, suggesting the potential for tremendous movement forward tied to the intentions we set today.  In fact, there is an Inconjunct held between Venus and Uranus that is also a part of this eclipse, and here is where the slingshot is buried into today’s geometry.

Uranus is the last planet to be holding onto retrograde motion.  Remember, last year he crossed from Aries into Taurus, then back into Aries by virtue of his retrograde.  This planetary ingress is hugely significant in the experience all of us are having on the planet right now.  In two days’ time, the Great Awakener will go direct in Aries, and all of the planets in the solar system will be moving forward for two months in a rare passage of time with no retrogrades dragging the system at all.   Uranus has a tendency to thrust us into very new directions.  Venus and her movement have changed so much about how we operate in rather subtle ways that may not all have revealed themselves to you.  The angle the planet of Love and the Great Awakener are holding during this eclipse is the Great Eliminator.  Are you seeing what’s possible?

When Uranus goes direct in two days, the Kite built into the eclipse will most definitely fly.  We may not see it quite yet, but most of us are making choices, setting intentions, and putting into place changes now, that will take us into very different territory in the future.  Trust the work you ‘ve done on yourself during a rather bumpy 2018. It is all going to pay off as we move forward, but it starts with setting powerful intentions now.