We spend most of October in the Libra mansion, which began with the Equinox last month.  Libra is where we explore relationships, and consciousness as an outward reflection of your inner landscape.  What you experience in your outer life operates as a direct expression of the mental and emotional equivalent that you hold of it.  Your vibrational frequency is directly manifest in the world of form, and this is an invention of the Libra mansion.  The first six signs of the zodiac are where we are created as individuals.  Once we get to the top of the chart (Libra through Pisces), we begin to interact in the world at large, and the entryway to that is the balancing and harmonizing scales of Libra.  The days and nights are of equal length in both hemispheres, and we seek to bring this sense of equanimity into all of our affairs.

In astrology, we create the mental equivalent of our consciousness with Mercury, and Venus is where we connect to our emotional intelligence.  And there is something very interesting going on with these two, as they spend this entire month dancing together.  Throughout October, they will both Inconjunct Chiron, Trine the North Node and Neptune, and Sextile both Saturn and Pluto.  Now for all that, but in layperson language.  By creating the Great Eliminator angle with Chiron, the Healer, we continue to process some deep wounds, and there is some powerful healing through this transit, with a focus on letting go of old stuff.  The Trine with the North Node means that we fold all of that healing and openness into the future, and carry it with us.  Neptune brings our spiritual practice into this process.  The two Sextiles to Saturn and Pluto give us the courage and strength to move through all of the change that’s taking place (Pluto), and how heavy the responsibility of the world feels right now (Saturn).  Remember, if it is happening out there, it is happening inside all of the hearts and minds on the planet.

One little note about Mercury this month; once we get to October 11th, from that date through the end of the month, Mercury is preparing to turn around for his next retrograde cycle which begins on the 31st, and is a big part of our November.  Be put on notice that everything that emerges between your ears from the 11th through the end of the month may point to themes that we will be dealing with in Mercury’s backward movement for the firs three weeks of November.

The Full Moon at 20-degrees of Aries takes place on the 13th at 2:07pm PDT.  There is magic and alchemy built into this Full Moon.  Part of the beautiful accompaniment to this lunation is a Grand Water Trine created by Mercury and Venus, Neptune, and the North Node of the Moon.  Grand Trines are manifestation energy, and in water signs, we can easily tap into the feeling portion of how we create, arguably the much more important way that we use our consciousness to construct our realities.  This one starts with Neptune, who brings our spiritual connection directly into the mix.  The second point is held by the North Node in Cancer, ushering us into the future with all of the blessings of this lunar cycle in its wake.  And best of all, the third corner includes Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, so mind and heart are taking the power of this Full Moon and dialing into the rare second Conjunction that they are building to at the end of the month.

Taking place on the exact same day as the Full Moon is one of the triple transits of the year; the watchword of this one is patience.  Jupiter wants expansion and bounty.  Uranus wants freedom and excitement.  Put them in agitated geometry and the net result is irritability and frustration, especially if you are attempting to break out of any past restrictions.  Since Uranus is so tied in with having a sense of freedom with all that we do, if he is compromised, the artifact that can emerge is rebellion.  This transit, which first hit in early January and then again in early June, is wrapping up this month and some will feel the lifting of a rather abrasive energy that has colored our movement through this rather challenging year.  Patience has been required this year, and some of that sensation will lift as a result of this transit completing itself.

The mansion we are in changes from Libra to Scorpio on the 23rd, and we move into the territory of death, change, transformation, and alchemy.  In the northern hemisphere, autumn means we are moving once again toward the least light, and this mansion is also where we first consider death.  In a fundamental way, the purpose of cultivating a spiritual practice and a deep connection with the Universe that invented us, is that we might experience as graceful a death as we can.  This mansion is where we practice walking with the elements of our humanity that are scary and, well, sometimes terrifying.  But without such change, nothing could grow and thrive, and change is frightening, or at least aspects of it can be, and this mansion is where we first learned how to do this.

The New Moon for the month is at 4-degrees of Scorpio and happens on the 27th at 8:38pm PDT.  This lunation packs an enormous punch because it takes place in an exact Opposition with Uranus, the lighting flash planet that is the most unstable force in the consciousness of our solar system.  Anything can happen and probably will is the phrase that best describes the participation of Uranus and a New Moon.  This entire lunar cycle is shaped by this geometry and many people will experience a tremendous shakeup as we move through the Scorpio mansion.  When considering what intentions to set, this is the moment to go deep, and request a miracle.  Scorpio has the power to transform any situation in your life.  Uranus is the miracle maker, the lighting flash that can change anything on a dime.  And this astrologer who absolutely loves precision, delights in telling you that this opposition is true to 1/5th of a degree; very powerful indeed.  Use this New Moon to steward that level of power in the direction of what you desire.  And not for nothing, Scorpio is the sign that invented desire in the first place.

As promised, at the very end of the month (the 30th), Mercury and Venus meet up in a Conjunction that has the valuable ability to align our mind and our hearts.  Nurturing and developing this congruency is a tremendously important element of conscious embodiment, and when the planet that governs each of these realms come together out there, then the same alignment is happening inside of each of us as well.  In a rare criss-cross, Mercury connected with Venus just six weeks ago, but he is beginning to slow down for his next retrograde cycle; just enough for Venus to catch up once again.  Two Venus/Mercury Conjunctions in six weeks is rare, and we benefit.  If you want to have a deeper experience of bringing your own heart and mind into congruence, look at September 13th and now.  There may be some interesting ways that your journey and the movement of Venus and Mercury will – in pure Libra mansion fashion – reflect each other.