Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice


The voice is the energetic point for everything that we experience in consciousness. Without a strong voice, you cannot exercise sovereign power of your own life. The patterning that inhibits a voice emotionally, does so in part by limiting the resonance the voice can produce. A “small voice” psychologically is usually accompanied by a “small voice” vibrationally.

You can free yourself of the emotional trauma connected to holding back your powerful voice by taking sacred time to dive into the shadow and do some healing. You can free your natural voice by increasing your capacity for breath, and by learning the vocal techniques behind expanding your full resonance.

Now imagine doing both at the same time!



Join me for four Saturdays where we will:

  • Introduce you to the power of resonance
  • Explore the shadow, and inhibitions to having a more powerful voice
  • Work through boundary setting and marshalling confidence
  • Generate more personal sovereignty through owning your voice

Saturdays at 11:00am March 30 - April 20


Each 90 – 120 minute class will be held live on Saturdays at 11:00am PDT. Within 24-hours, class videos will be available, so you can participate without attending the live class.

This will be interactive on Zoom Webinar, and yes, there will be homework; you will get your first assignment when you register.

Registration Ends Mar 31, 2024



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