Consider this past year. Starting in December of 2016, with a second push in mid-May, and through today, there has been an ongoing Trine between Saturn, the Great Teacher, and Uranus the Great Awakener. In a Trine, both planets get equal billing. Saturn tells us we must learn, grow, face Kharma and build appropriate structures in our lives based on what we are uncovering. If you don’t know what I mean by “build structures” I’m am talking about things like discipline, daily spiritual practice, and creating habits based on walking a higher version of your life. Uranus, on the other hand, throws us curve ball after curve ball, insisting that we wake up. Think of a lightning flash, which is the tool associated with Uranus. You are walking in the dark of night and cannot see where you are going. Suddenly, in a burst of bright light, you can – for just a moment – see everything around you. Though you are plunged back into darkness, you now know exactly where the cliff is, where there is a tree, and some water; the entire lay of the land is known to you. That’s Uranus.

Uranus has no attachment to anything we would call “good” or “bad.” Saturn doesn’t care how difficult it might be to face life on life’s terms, and in the sign of Sagittarius that essentially invented transparency and authenticity, he really means business in this wake-up call moment. The two of them together have ripped a path through our consciousness this year and really forced us to see our world as it really is. And then, we must use what we see to wake up to higher levels of consciousness and be responsible to what we have learned in order to bring our gifts and talents to the world, making a difference by shining that light when everything around us would encourage us to shrink back in fear. It has been quite a wild ride, and today marks the last peak of this particular wave.

Of course, the natural question is what is going to happen next? Well, one of the reasons why this has been particularly challenging to have these two big planets interacting in this way is because both of them are preparing to change signs. Saturn does this next month, and Uranus will follow suit in the spring of next year. As planets prepare to leave the signs they are in, they get pretty busy making sure they accomplish everything they need to in order to fulfill their agenda. This is particular true of Saturn, the Great Teacher.

The Moon went Void just after midnight last night, and the Saturn/Uranus Trine occurs inside the Void. When a transit happens under the influence of a Void Moon, it goes even deeper with its influence. We take the power of the demands of this interaction between Saturn and Uranus right into the very center of our Being. Then at 8:41am PST, the Moon moves into Virgo and we have the benefit of Virgo’s integrative power to really put the consciousness that is being birthed in this moment into place. This is not something you will experience as an event, it is simply one of those elegant ways the Universe exhibits a powerful clockwork of expansion. The Virgo Moon will Sextile both Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio, allowing us to bring our Hearts and sense of Abundance into focus, helping make the difficulties of this entire year feel worthwhile. The chaos may seem random, and in some ways, it is. However, what we make out of it is anything but random. We are building something magnificent; an approach to Peace for Humanity that we are going to so desperately need in the years to come.

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