As we move toward the end of this day, at 9:12pm PST, we come to the New Moon, where the Sun and the Moon will both pass through 4-degrees of Capricorn. This is also the first of two eclipses, and so today officially begins the wormhole that every eclipse puts us through, so the next two weeks are going to be wildly transformative, and potentially very intense. Saturn is the ruler of this New Moon, and so the marching orders of The Great Teacher are all over this moment, as he prepares us to move through the most challenging year any of us have seen on the planet.

The outside world is heating up, all you have to do is turn on the news to see what we are grappling with. The Trump presidency and the UK Brexit phenomenon are the two anchors of major world calamities; what we must remember is that we all hold these sorts of conflicts within each of us. We have an opportunity to look at the way we feel polarized and divided within our own psyches; Saturn demands it. We are setting intentions with this New Moon that have more power in them to push us into 2020 like a slingshot, but along with that thrust of energy is a necessity to reconcile the divided aspects of our selves. What part(s) of your experience are you looking at and railing that it shouldn’t be this way? Surrender to change is key, and as we move through 2020, that surrender is going to be necessary to continue to deal with life on life’s terms.

This New Moon has Jupiter participating by very close Conjunction, so the amount of blessing and bounty built into this lunation is, pardon the pun, off the charts, as Jupiter is the planet of abundance. New Moons are like waves of intention that fan out in front of us, and when that New Moon is also an eclipse, that sensation/quality is enhanced and increased. The intention we set now will have Jupiter’s movement built into then, and as he, Jupiter, moves forward during the next year, he will carry our wishes forward with him. Add to this a powerful Trine to Uranus, the Great Awakener, and we have a bit of lightning in a bottle. Anything and everything is possible under this influence, so if you need a miracle, it’s in there.

Eclipses are reset events; they go way beyond the intention setting practice of a typical New Moon. Think of yourself as a computer; astrology is the program that underlies all of our changes and growth. But sometimes, when things get overly complex and mucked up, the system needs a reset; like turning the computer off and then on again in order to clear it out and allow it to function smoothly again. When the angle of the interaction between the Earth, Sun and Moon are just right, the shadow passes between the bodies, and that is the mechanism whereby the system resets, and we get an upgrade. But to take advantage of this, you have to be participating in the process; and of course, if you are reading this, you are aware that there is a process to participate in the first place.

Yes, 2020 is going to be a big, powerful, and transformational year, but the world isn’t going to end. Yes, everything is changing, and the old guard is toppling. The patriarchy is dissolving, and as a result all things of toxic masculinity are raring up, and grasping to hold onto power. The rise of the Divine Mother, and the return to Peace for Humanity is something that will play out over many generations to come. But we must be willing to do the work now, for results we will not be alive to see in our lifetime. The divided sides “out there” are simply reflecting the polarized division of us as individuals. Peace will not come when everyone agrees, it will come when individuals on the planet truly know who they are, know what they bring, and then bring it. You cannot possibly do this if you are looking out at the horizon, decrying the world on its own terms. Turn off the news, turn within, clean out your own cobwebs of trauma, recognize the goals and desires of your heart, put them into powerful intentions, and then let the solar system do the rest.

Like the goat who knows he must get to the top of the mountain, and will do anything needed to success reach the summit. In this example, the climb up the mountain is about our expanding conscious awareness, and what we must let go of to climb to an even higher vantage point is anything that inhibits you recognizing your oneness with the Universe. If you know where Capricorn falls in your natal chart, then you can get a better idea of what area of your life will be grabbing the most focus, and where the most change will be taking place as we move through 2020.

The Moon will move into Capricorn at 1:46pm PST, and that officially starts the Dark-of-the-Moon; the most fertile time to set intentions will be during the seven hours after the ingress and leading up to the exact lunation at 9:12pm PST. Because this New Moon takes place early in Capricorn (4-degrees), the power of this intention setting eclipse will last all the way through the end of the day on Friday, so there is really plenty of time to attend to an intention setting ritual. While we tend to think of New Year’s Day as the moment to consider your resolutions, from an astrological perspective, that is what this moment is for.

Capricorn is an earth sign, and as such, anything that involves the body in action will support any ritual you choose do engage in. When I attend to earth sign moments, out comes the drum, and you can bet there will be dancing and or movement in my practice. There is no reason to shy away from writing your intentions down, but when it comes time to celebrate, make sure you include your body and all its capacities. You can bet that that’s what I’ll be doing as tonight comes to a close.