Welcome to the threshold of the most intense year any of us have ever experienced on the planet at this time.  And of course, like every year, I will be offering my Astrological Forecast to help us all navigate.

This year I decided, rather than do a number of these forecasts in different venues with different levels of information, I am focusing on doing just one – deep and comprehensive – joined by beloved colleague, Janet Conner Prayer Artist, who will hold space in her inimitable way, as I outline the powerful cycles that we will be moving through in 2020.

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On Monday January 6th, she and I will sit down in a LIVE 90-minute webinar where I will cover everything you need to know to successfully navigate next year, including the following:

  • Saturn and Pluto meet up in Capricorn in January, and spend all year together, bringing enormous change (Pluto) together with the responsibility to do the Karmic work at hand (Saturn).
  • Jupiter, the Great Expander, will also move through Capricorn next year, bringing his wave of largess to everything else that is happening in the cosmos, and that will make everything that occurs more powerful, and therefore more intense.
  • The Nodes of the Moon will change signs, signaling a shift in how we find our direction forward.
  • Two important eclipse seasons and three Mercury retrogrades.
  • A rare Venus retrograde.
  • Finally, I’ll share a sign by sign horoscope of how the year will hit you personally.

Join us and discover how to dive in with your eyes and your heart wide open.

The investment is only $20, and you can join live on January 6th, but all registrants will have access to the webinar, even if you are unable to join us live.