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June 20, 2017

Mercury pulls into the place where the Sun just was, activating the Kite Formation along with the other delightful patterns that are currently forming this month. The peak today involves Mercury and Uranus in a Sextile, and so we are inventive, inspired and facile with our intellect. Flexibility is key right now, because this connection between the archetype of the Mind and the Great Awakener is often responsible for sudden changes in direction; new ideas that cause us to do things differently, and to do so quite suddenly. If you have a notion (or one comes toward you) that seems outlandish this week, just go with it and see where it takes you.

This week’s big news is, of course, the Summer Solstice, that moment when we are basking in the most Light our consciousness has to offer. It is marked by the Sun crossing the demarcation of the zero-degree point of the sign of Cancer, which happens this evening at 9:25pm PDT (so tomorrow in EDT and points east). It is less of an event and more of a marker, but it is quite significant in our solar cycle, where this season could be considered the In Breath of the Planetary Being. In this way, anything that happens as we prepare to cross this threshold has great significance.

Yesterday, I caught you up with regard to the Neptune station, and the Inconjunct between he and Jupiter, the Great Expander. Jupiter is only days out of his recent retrograde and both of these planets are standing still in the sky where they are, which puts them in their most objective and powerful stance. Neptune, which rules our spiritual nature, is turned within, where he can do the most profound work on our inner experience. Jupiter has just turned around and is facing the outer world, where his capacity to create Abundance can finally start having some impact in the world of form. In the Great Eliminator angle, they are holding a pattern through which we are all invited to use our spiritual nature to drop absolutely EVERY limiting thought to what we are capable of producing in the world. This is a moment – by letting go of blocks – to step more into a sense of deserving, of actually receiving all that we can at this level of our development.

Therefore, it is quite a blessing that Venus in her home sign of Taurus (and earth sign very much connected to what we create here in the world of form) is creating a Finger of God with these two heavy hitters today. If you re-read yesterday’s post, you will notice that I wrote briefly about Venus and Taurus also in an Inconjunct, setting us up to let something go. Today, Venus pulls into the other geometry that creates a Finger of God, with a Sextile to Neptune. Our Hearts are in perfect alignment with our connection to Spirit. The Moon in Taurus drives this home to an even greater experience. Both the lower and upper octaves of Love are operating in great productivity, making this a wonderful day.

There is plenty of challenge built into the day that should balance things out from all of this extraordinary expansion. Firstly, any time we are faced with choices and forks in the road, we are subject to the grief that emerges when we leave things behind. Mercury Squaring Chiron will keep us plenty aware of anything that seems like it might hurt a bit. And an agitation between Mars and the Nodes means that as we move from the past and into the future (which all of these other transits are designed to help us do), this geometry assures us that the road will have plenty of bumps in it to remind us exactly how life works. We make our best choices when we are confronted with things that no longer serve us. Resistance is part of the mechanism, so stop judging how you resist. And then let the natural rhythm of contraction/expansion do its perfect work.

Mercury Conjuncts the Sun at zero degrees of Cancer tomorrow – tune back in for more on that with tomorrow’s post.