Classes with Dr. Michael Lennox

When considering the process of Self-Actualization, There are three topics that I feel are integral to the work: Radical Forgiveness, Finding Your Voice, and Diving into the Shadow.

In 2020, over 300 students moved through these topics together, doing solo work through homework assignments, one on one opportunities to work with me in live classes, and sharing the journey with other students both in class and in community online.

Each class is a month-long journey consisting of a two-hour class each week on Zoom, and homework assignments. If you are unable to make the designated live class time, no worries! Every class is recorded for those who missed it, and those who want to review what was said in the days following. Each class consists of a teaching, and time for students to come forward and address what has come up for them that week.

Besides these staples, new classes are created each year, and here is where you can find out what’s on the schedule and register for whatever classes are speaking to you at this time.

Finding Your Voice

Free yourself of the emotional trauma holding back your powerful voice.

The voice is the energetic point for everything that we experience in consciousness. In this course you will free your natural voice in a physical way through vocal technique. But more importantly, we will dive into the reasons you hold yourself back to reveal the powerful voice that is already inside you, just waiting to come out and roar.

Registration Closed

Jump Start Your Spiritual Practice

Spend time with me learning everything in my daily spiritual practice.

I have designed a class that is like a sneak peek inside my own journey. In four classes, you will learn everything I know about breath and making sound, prayer & affirmation, lunar cycle rituals, and meditation techniques. This journey is lecture based and will not include formal homework, but you will come away with lots of new information that will help you deepen your own personal practice.

Coming in 2023

Diving into the Shadow

Become familiar with your shadow for powerful self-awareness.

One of the most profound ways to have a relationship with the mystery of being human is to consider the archetypal landscape of your inner world. Examine how shame and early life experiences create your shadow, become familiar with your inner archetypal landscape, and use powerful guided hypnotic meditations to dive even deeper.

Coming in 2023

Going Deeper

Using myth and fairy tales, this is a healing, dive deep into the psyche.

This class is about exploring the archetypal landscape within. When we interpret our daily life in the same way we might interpret a dream, we open up to a much more powerful and revealing relationship with our unconscious. We will do this using myth, fairy tale, and the modern mythology of cinema to generate your next level of healing in this four week class coming later this year.

Coming in 2023

Radical Forgiveness

Release Stories from the past, anger, and grief, so you can open your heart.

You cannot rise up to your potential if you are dragging around old wounds. Whether there is one challenge to grapple with, or you are looking for a more general way to open your heart in a challenging world, join us in this month-long class to create space and provide structure to release any resistance to opening yourself up to the power of forgiveness.

Coming in 2023

Advanced Astrology

Many of my followers are already initiated in astrology. For those who have a basic, foundational understanding of how to read a chart, I have decided to begin periodic advanced astrology classes offered in a live webinar format. Currently planned for a late spring launch, look for advanced classes on transits, the outer planets, the social planets, and other advanced principles in astrology in this space.

Coming in 2023

Highly sought-after media expert, Dr. Lennox has been seen internationally on many television shows, beginning with the Sci Fi Network’s The Dream Team and has also been featured on numerous network and cable television venues including NBC’s Emmy award winning Starting Over, Soap Talk, The Wayne Brady show and many others. His radio appearances talking about the power of dreams number in the hundreds. Dr. Lennox obtained his Masters and Doctorate in Psychology from The Chicago School and his Doctoral Dissertation, Astrology and Personality, is published by Lambert Academic Publishing. Dr. Lennox is also the author of two books on dreams, Dream Sight: A Dictionary & Guide for Interpreting Any Dream and Llewellyn’s Complete Dream Dictionary. Dr. Lennox leads workshops and retreats all over the United States and conducts a worldwide private practice based in Southern California.

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