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Daily Astro Alert April 11, 2023

What a lovely day.  Venus has changed signs, and while she has left one of her ruling mansions (Taurus) she moved last night into territory which is fun, flirty, chatty, and all about connecting with others in loving ways: Gemini.  Today, she forms a Trine with Pluto, who is just testing out the Aquarius mansion for a few months, opening us up to deep changes in our outer and inner worlds.  The Sun and Jupiter are joining forces as well today, reflecting our awareness of all the Good in our lives.  There are some other, more subtle transits today that will add the ingredients to keep things real, and the Moon will change signs, which adds a bit of underlying stress to the day, so there is a balance between the extremely positive and expansive energies, and what the rest of the solar system is doing.

Venus in Gemini is all about linking the heart with the mind.  Venus is the planet that reflects our emotional body, and we benefit from Venues in Gemini, as we have words for our feelings during this passage.  Our love language shifts to verbal expressions of desire, and we are more likely to enjoy connecting to others for connections sake.  Venus moving through a Trine with Pluto as she enters this mansion opens our hearts up to the depths of passion, and the desire to connect with some emotional intensity.  But with Gemini, we add a light-hearted touch with regard to how those connections might feel today.  One thing for sure is that hearts are open, and we want to talk about it.

The Sun and Jupiter come together once a year, signaling a moment where we are more easily aware of abundance, and all the Good that life has to offer.  In Aries, this is particularly yummy in that Jupiter is on fire in this sign, and the Sun is exalted.  So, this particular meetup of conscious awareness and abundance should be quite tangible, and motivation for new projects, or any forward movement, could be amplified.  When Sun and Jupiter come together, we are likely to feel the urge to grow, expand, learn, travel and open up our horizons in all sorts of ways.  This is a transit of tremendous confidence and optimism, and if nothing else, more of us are likely to be in a very good mood today.

Of course, there are other transits today that will blend in, contradict these lovely transits, and make for a day in the real world, thanks to two Semi-Squares, where some planets will be generating some mild conflicts or obstacles to deal with.  Mercury in a Semi-Square with Neptune is a subtle transit that brings cloudiness, confusion, and uncertainty, particularly at odds with the impulse to move exuberantly forward with all that Aries energy today.  Venus in a Semi-Square with Chiron makes sure that anyone moving through something related to hurt feelings, or attending to old wounds, will have those areas of your life highlighted by this subtle, but potentially painful thread of energy.  These low-level transits are like the spice to a lovely meal, when you don’t like spicy foods!

The Moon moves through a sign change, so there is a short Void from 3:47am till 10:32am PDT, so those six and a half hours should be your planning and prep portion of the day.  If you can, wait till after the Moon moves into Capricorn to open your day up to connecting with others, or staring up something that needs cooperation with the outside world.  Once the Moon changes signs, we hand over rulership of the day to Saturn, as the Great Teacher rules this grounded earth sign that keeps us focused, and on task.  The early lunar aspects once the Moon changes signs offers the most friction of the day, but by the time we get into the late afternoon hours (PDT), the Cap Moon will Sextile Saturn and the North Node, so we get to take the burst of Aries fire, and focus it on productivity, cooperation with others, and getting things done.  Have at it.