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Full Moon in Cancer: December 29, 2020!

The last Full Moon of the year hits tonight at 7:27pm PST, so for my readers in Europe and Africa, this is in your early Wednesday, and down under it hits its apex Wednesday afternoon. The Moon is in Cancer, the most emotional sign at the personal level, and it hits just as we are

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Full Moon in Gemini November 30, 2020

The Full Moon in Gemini that is also a lunar eclipse is exact in the early hours of today. Just after midnight at 1:29am PST, the Gemini Moon will Oppose the Sun in Sagittarius, and we are off to the races in a two-week intensity of energy that is eclipse season. Because this lunation is

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New Moon in Scorpio November 14, 2020

The New Moon in Scorpio hits this evening at 9:06pm PST, so for those of you in Europe and Africa, this takes place in your early Sunday, late Sunday for my readers down under. The Scorpio mansion is where we understand change and transformation, as Scorpio added death to our archetypal experience. Nothing new can

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Full Moon in Taurus, October 31, 2020

We are at the Full Moon of the biggest lunar cycle inside of what is the most transformative year on the planet that anyone alive has ever moved through. And, of course, this Full Moon doesn’t disappoint. Taking place at 8-degrees of Taurus, it is exact this morning at 7:49am PDT, and a tremendous release

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New Moon in Libra October 16, 2020!

The New Moon hits at 12:30pm PDT today, and we set intentions in the Libra mansion. It is interesting to say the least that the New Moon steeped in balance and harmony (Libra) should come to us this year amidst an enormous energy of conflict and obstacle. Mars in Aries, the pinnacle of aggression, is

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