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Highly sought-after media expert, Dr. Lennox has been seen internationally on many television shows, beginning with the Sci Fi Network’s The Dream Team and has also been featured on numerous network and cable television venues including NBC’s Emmy award winning Starting Over, Soap Talk, The Wayne Brady show and many others. His radio appearances talking about the power of dreams number in the hundreds. Dr. Lennox obtained his Masters and Doctorate in Psychology from The Chicago School and his Doctoral Dissertation, Astrology and Personality, is published by Lambert Academic Publishing. Dr. Lennox is also the author of two books on dreams, Dream Sight: A Dictionary & Guide for Interpreting Any Dream and Llewellyn’s Complete Dream Dictionary. Dr. Lennox leads workshops and retreats all over the United States and conducts a worldwide private practice based in Southern California.

New Moon in Gemini June 6, 2024

Join tonight's Global Healing Meditation June 6, 2024 with this Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/503053798 The New Moon in Gemini is exact today at 5:37am PDT. It’s a party in the Gemini mansion, which means it’s a party in whatever house in your natal chart is ruled by this mutable air sign. This is Mercury’s ruling sign ...

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Full Moon in Sagittarius May 23, 2024

The truly beautiful Full Moon in Sagittarius hits this morning in the early morning, at 6:52am PDT. When the Sun is in Gemini, we are in the land of ideas, perception, communication, and connection. But down in the territory where the shadow artifact of Gemini expresses itself, we have too much thinking, an overreliance on ...

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New Moon in Taurus May 7, 2024

The New Moon in Taurus is exact at 8:21pm PDT, so it is building all day long. This is an important New Moon because it signals that we are in a new lunar cycle, and that eclipse season has finally come to a close. The last two lunar cycles both had eclipses in them, and ...

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