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Full Moon in Scorpio May 7, 2020

At 3:45am PDT this morning, we moved through the 17-degree Scorpio Full Moon, where we surrender to death, and the rebirth that results from every symbolic death we move through. All change is a subset of the ultimate change that follows us all our lives like a haunting specter, our literal death. We are born

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Full Moon in Libra April 7, 2020

The Full Moon in Libra takes place at 18-degrees of this Venus-ruled sign, and hits tonight at 7:34pm PDT. Libra is all about our experience of relationship, but more fundamentally, this sign is where we understand that the world we live in is a reflection of our consciousness. What you see outside of you is

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Full Moon in Virgo March 9, 2020!

At about 3:00am PST on March 8th, the Moon changes signs, which puts us officially in the Virgo Full Moon. The actual peak of this lunation is on the 9th at 9:48am PST, but it begins in earnest today. We are in for a big psychic release, as well as a beautiful flowering of love

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Full Moon in Leo February 8, 2020!

The Full Moon takes place at the very end of today in the Pacific time zone; at 11:32pm at 20-degrees of Leo. In the Leo/Aquarius polarity, we are seeking to integrate what is good for ourselves with what is needed by the community. Leo invented self-love, which is different than self-care, a Cancer invention. In

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Full Moon in Aries October 13, 2019!

Welcome to the Full Moon in Aries, that hits today at 2:07pm PDT. It’s a big one, and it promises a tremendous amount of blessing, and a significant amount of change and transformation. This lunation takes place at 20-degrees of Aries, and forms a perfect Trine to Jupiter (blessing), and a T-Square with Pluto (change).

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