Full Moon in Aries October 20, 2021

The Full Moon in Aries hits this morning at 7:56am PDT. We are in the Libra mansion, where we are in consideration of our relationships, and how consciousness itself is a direct mirror. Everything you see and experience in your life is a reflection of your inner perceptions of it. On the other side of

Full Moon in Aquarius August 22, 2021

The second Aquarius Full Moon in a row hits this morning at 5:01am PDT, and we move through another opportunity to release things that no longer serve us. Technically, a Blue Moon is two Full Moons in the same sign in the same calendar month, so by virtue of that definition, this is no Blue

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Full Moon in Capricorn June 24, 2021

The Full Moon in Capricorn hits this morning at 11:39am PDT, and we are moving through what is likely to be the apex of a healing experience that 2021 promises. The big transit of the year is, of course, Saturn and Uranus in a Square, where the Great Teacher (Saturn) and the Great Awakener (Uranus)

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Full Moon in Scorpio April 26, 2021!

The Full Moon in Scorpio hits tonight at 8:31pm PDT, so for those in Europe and Africa, this is technically part of your early Tuesday morning, and mid-afternoon Tuesday for those of you down under. The Moon will move into Scorpio at 9:18am PDT this morning after a 4-1/2 hour Void Moon in Libra. Once

Full Moon in Libra March 28, 2021

The Full Moon in Libra hits this morning at 10:47am PDT. Libra is the mansion where we first understand that we live in a mirrored consciousness. Everything is a reflection of you, and when you truly understand that what you see outside of you has its origination within your consciousness, then we can really cook

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Full Moon in Virgo February 27, 2021!

The Full Moon in Virgo hits just after midnight, at 12:07am PST. The Sun is in the Pisces mansion, where our conscious awareness is aligned with the notion that we are all connected. Pisces rules the infinite void through which all form and consciousness itself emerges. It is here where we feel directly connected to

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Full Moon in Leo: January 28, 2021!

The Full Moon in Leo hits this morning at 11:15am PST, and this one is a whopper. In the Leo/Aquarius polarity, we are seeking to integrate what is good for ourselves with what is needed by the community. Leo invented self-love. In the Aquarius mansion, we love the world around us. Leo is where we

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