Conscious Embodiment

Conscious Embodiment

with Dr. Michael Lennox

Understanding the twists and turns of life can be confusing, leaving us looking for answers! Join expert astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox every Monday as he fills you in on the week’s astrology, and helps you make sense of your dreams. This podcast is for those of you piecing together life’s mysteries one week at a time.

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June 2023

May 2023

Astrology for the week of May 29th

For the week of May 29th we stand comfortably in disagreement and dissonance.   This week we have special guest, resilience coach Joe Weston to talk about respectful confrontation.

Astrology for the week of May 15th

For the week of May 15th, keep your heart as open as possible as you bump into places you find inflexible.   This week we talk about dreams that come at the end of your life.

Astrology for the week of May 1st

For the week of May 1st we get a glimpse under the hood to see what process is being worked on in the below. This week we talk the significance of an atomic bomb in our dreams.


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