Conscious Embodiment

Conscious Embodiment

with Dr. Michael Lennox

Understanding the twists and turns of life can be confusing, leaving us looking for answers! Join expert astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox every Monday as he fills you in on the week’s astrology, and helps you make sense of your dreams. This podcast is for those of you piecing together life’s mysteries one week at a time.

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September 2022

Astrology for the week of Sept 19th

The only limit to the good that surrounds us is believing it in your heart. Let the New Moon bring you more love than you can imagine. This week we talk about royalty consciousness in dreams.

August 2022

Astrology for the week of August 29th

For the week of August 29th, pay attention to your reactions and the unexpected. Mercury kicks up some agitation that will be part of his retrograde. This week we are joined by Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Mentor & Radio Personality Michael Sandler,...

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