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New Moon in Gemini May 22, 2020!

Today’s New Moon takes place at 2-degrees of Gemini and is exact at 10:38am PDT this morning. Though this lunation is not an eclipse, it sets off eclipse season that begins with the Full Moon in two weeks. In some ways, we have stepped inside a two-month wormhole, where we will be catapulted through our

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New Moon in Taurus April 22, 2020!

The New Moon hits tonight at 7:25pm PDT at 3-degrees of Taurus. We start this next lunar cycle off with the theme that has been following us for the last week or so; huge bursts of energy on the one hand, and the brakes slammed on with the other. This New Moon has the Sun,

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New Moon in Aries March 24, 2020!

We move into the true start of the astrological new year with the Aries New Moon. The Moon moved into this first sign of the zodiac late yesterday, and at 2:28am PDT overnight, she will meet up with her beloved the Sun at 4-degrees of Aries. This is when we set intentions for both this

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New Moon in Pisces February 23, 2020!

The next lunar cycle gets started today with a New Moon at 4-degrees of Pisces, which takes place this morning at 7:32am PST.  The Sun moved into the Pisces mansion last week, but it is this lunation that drops us directly into the waters of the unconscious mind, and we are invited into consideration of

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New Moon in Sagittarius November 26th!

We have completed one of the most complex lunar cycles of our calendar year; and today marks the turning of the wheel such that we start our next lunar cycle with the New Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun and the Moon will come together at 7:05am PST, and we are kicking the Sagittarius mansion off

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New Moon in Scorpio October 27, 2019

The New Moon hits this evening at 8:38pm PDT and will take place at 4-degrees of Scorpio. Across the cosmos, at 4-degrees of Taurus, is Uranus, and in this way, this New Moon packs a truly remarkable punch. Firstly, the participation of any planet in a New Moon is significant, and raises the energetic stakes

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New Moon in Libra September 28, 2019

The New Moon at 5-degrees of Libra takes place this morning at 11:27am PDT. Libra is where we explore relationships, and consciousness as an outward reflection of our inner landscape. What you experience in your outer life operates as a direct expression of the mental and emotional equivalent that you hold of it. Your vibrational

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New Moon in Leo July 31st!

We are saying goodbye to the Cancer mansion and hello to Leo in a rather dramatic fashion.  At 6:18am PDT this morning, the Moon will move into Leo, and we are in the Dark-of-the-Moon, the most fertile moment for planting seeds of intention.  We are leaving behind the most challenging passage of the year, and

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