Going Deeper: Myth & Fairytale Classes

with Dr. Michael Lennox

These classes are about exploring the archetypal landscape within. When we interpret our daily life in the same way we might interpret a dream, we open up to a much more powerful and revealing relationship with our unconscious. We will do this using myth, fairy tale, and the modern mythology of cinema to generate your next level of healing in these four-week classes offered throughout the year.

Hansel & Gretel, Persephone and Demeter

We are going to use a myth that you are probably familiar with – Persephone and Demeter, a fairy tale I know you know – Hansel and Gretel.

Hansel and Gretel will help us address family wounds, abandonment issues, and the challenges with disowning our power to heal and transform. How we move about the world as adults started early, and this tale allows for a deep dive around the family of origin.

Persephone’s journey with both her mother Demeter and Hades from the Underworld will offer up all sorts of nuggets about sexuality, passion, and the challenges of finding balance in a complex world.

Begins February 2023

Selke & Sleeping Beauty

We are going to use a fairy tale that you are probably familiar with, Sleeping Beauty and a beautiful myth that you may not be familiar with; Selke, the beautiful myth from the North about the seal woman who trades her pelt for a human experience.

Being “asleep” can be synonymous with being emotionally and psychically shut down from past traumas. Sleeping Beauty will help us address family wounds, abandonment issues, and the challenges with disowning our personal power because of how we were taught to see the world.

Selke’ journey is an exploration of authenticity and sovereignty, as she willingly gives up her sealskin pelt in order to experience human love – and helps us explore all the ways we sell ourselves out in order to keep love that actually doesn’t reflect how much we deserve.

Begins March 2023

Little Red & Medusa

We are going to use a fairy tale and a myth that you are probably familiar with. Little Red Riding Hood is our fairy tale, and while you probably know the story of Perseus and how he conquered Medusa, we will use that myth, but from both sides of the story.

Little Red addresses core values such as independence and curiosity, and the origins of passion and sexuality. How we moved into and through puberty and adolescence is key to self-actualization, and Red helps us integrate our darker qualities as we move toward integration.

Medusa is a staple in shadow work, where we understand the power of looking into the mirror. But if we flip it, the rape of Medusa offers an opportunity to reflect on what it is to generate powerful self-sovereignty in the face of a patriarchal society that diminishes women.

Begins June 2023

Jack & Narcissus

Jack and the Beanstalk is the boy who goes on an adventure, but also gets filled with greed. This is being paired with the myth of Narcissus, a familiar tale that helps us understand how fixation on self can be destructive, and dealing with narcissism is a big challenge in modern relationships.

Jack will help us explore adventure, spontaneity, and the ways we were (or were not) encouraged to take risks and self-generate. But this tale also reflects covetousness, greed, and the ways we hoard our good, and the need to learn to trust the flow of abundance.

Narcissistic parents traumatize their offspring, and whether that bred debilitating empathy, or turned you into a covert narcissist yourself, through this story we can explore all sorts of ways that ineffective mirroring generated wounds of self-expression that can be healed.

Begins July 2023

Highly sought-after media expert, Dr. Lennox has been seen internationally on many television shows, beginning with the Sci Fi Network’s The Dream Team and has also been featured on numerous network and cable television venues including NBC’s Emmy award winning Starting Over, Soap Talk, The Wayne Brady show and many others. His radio appearances talking about the power of dreams number in the hundreds. Dr. Lennox obtained his Masters and Doctorate in Psychology from The Chicago School and his Doctoral Dissertation, Astrology and Personality, is published by Lambert Academic Publishing. Dr. Lennox is also the author of two books on dreams, Dream Sight: A Dictionary & Guide for Interpreting Any Dream and Llewellyn’s Complete Dream Dictionary. Dr. Lennox leads workshops and retreats all over the United States and conducts a worldwide private practice based in Southern California.

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