Advanced Astrology – Uranus Transits

Advanced Astrology – Uranus Transits


Most budding astrologers know all about the Saturn return, but there is also the Saturn Opposition and the two Saturn Squares we must know how to work with.  Working with Saturn through the houses is key to understanding how your karmic contract is playing out year by year.

Join me for a masterclass on this staple of astrology, and take your understanding to a higher level.

In his 2-3 hour Masterclass on Saturn, we will dive into:

  • All things Saturn, his orbit, retrogrades and archetypal meaning.
  • The power and importance of the Saturn Returns.
  • The Full 30-year Saturn orbit and how Saturn transits impact a chart.
  • The importance of Saturn through the houses.
  • How to work with Saturn transits day to day.



Uranus is the agent of change that happens suddenly and unexpectedly.  Since life itself is all about learning, growing, and changing and transforming over and over again, as an astrologer, you must know how to work with each of these planets with a level of mastery.  The idea of having spiritual awakenings connects to Uranus, and Uranus transits tend to have leave us transformed and upgraded.

In this masterclass on Uranus, we will dive into:

  • Dive into all things Uranus, and fast change.
  • Awakenings through life through Uranus as a focal point.
  • Uranus as the life cycle planet, with his 84-year orbit.
  • How Uranus works with all of the major transits.


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