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Welcome to my Astrology School.

In this world gone mad, it has never been more important for every individual to rise up to their full potential, living their soul’s purpose, and creating the life of their dreams. As a tool, astrology is one of the most potent ways to gain insights into your individual sense of self, as well as your connection to the universe that invented you.

Your natal chart – the map of where the planets were when you were born – contains the blueprint of all of this; from your personal experience of identity, the hidden expression of your dharma, and the mysterious way you interact with your environment that is unique to you.

When you learn how to read your own natal chart, an entire world of energetic assistance opens up to you.  In Astrology 101, 5 modules will introduce you to the basics of astrology, and all the things you need to know in order to start your journey.

Then when you have those things under your belt, or you feel you already have a good understanding of the basics, you can go on to the more advanced process of learning how to read your chart in three classes.

You can purchase all of these classes ala carte,
or enjoy a discount if you purchase them all.

This class will give you the material and information needed to learn how to read your natal chart.

Once you have that ability, the world of astrology will open up you, and the most powerful tool for contextualizing life and understanding the mystery of this magnificent existence will be yours.

Have at it!


How long will I have access to the class recordings?2023-08-02T12:00:45-07:00

Forever. These classes will be available through the recordings to all current and future students in perpetuity.

Are there handouts or homework for each class?2024-01-23T15:23:38-08:00

Yes, there are handouts and worksheets to utilize. Upon registration you will receive a link to all documents.

Can we connect to others who are participating in the course?2023-08-02T11:55:07-07:00

Yes, upon registration, you will receive a link to the Astrology 101 Facebook Group, where you will be able to join others in the conversation about Astrology.

Are there discounts or promotional codes available?2023-08-02T11:55:42-07:00

The only promotional codes available for people who purchased Dr. Michael’s previous Astrology 101 course from years ago. There are no general discounts available at this time.

I’m having trouble accessing the content in the online school. What do I do?2023-08-02T16:55:49-07:00

Please reach out to Dr. Michael’s administrative team at for customer support. Please do NOT reach out with customer service requests through the Facebook group or any other social media platforms.



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