At 9:44am PDT, the Moon will pull into her monthly opposition with the Sun, and the Taurus Full Moon is upon us. For those of you further east, the exact moment of this lunation is 5:44pm in London and those of you down under get this thrust of energy on Thursday in the wee hours of the morning. Taurus is everything about this three-dimensional world we find ourselves in. Form, and the Earth herself, are what results with the advent of this second sign of the zodiac. Money, values, comfort, ownership, what feels important to you, and, of course, love, as Taurus is one of the signs ruled by the planet Venus.

A big part of the backdrop to this powerful Full Moon is the fact that Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. This cycle is designed to help make us all better givers and receivers of love. Taurus rules the throat, and in this way, so much of what is up is connecting our ability to give and receive love, directly to our capacity to ask for what we want, and take a stand for whatever doesn’t work for us. Without a firm and clear “yes” and “no,” we cannot navigate this world of form and stay in a loving posture. So much of what we are able to attract and keep, is dependent upon our capacity (and willingness) to use our voice to declare the life we wish to create for ourselves. This Full Moon, and the New Moon that follows in two weeks, is hugely important in this regard for all of us.

There are about a thousand ways that this Full Moon is made all the more enormous by virtue of the geometrical participation of other planets in this and the next lunation in two weeks. One factor is the degree point at which the Full Moon occurs; 1-degree of Taurus, with the Sun at 1-degree of Scorpio. It takes roughly 2-1/2 days for the Moon to move through the 30-degree expanse of any sign. With the Full Moon happening so early in Taurus, we receive the full throttle wave of Taurus energy well through the rest of the week; like an extra-long reverberation that will last three days.

Venus is also participating in this Full Moon by virtue of her placement in the sky in addition to her dispositional rulership over the lunation (Taurus is ruled by Venus). She is just two degrees away from her Conjunction with the Sun, which happens over the next two days. In fact, the Moon will still be in Taurus when she, Venus, will take all of the shadow material she has been collecting on her backward journey through the depths of Scorpio, and metaphorically toss it into the fire of the Sun to be purified in perfect Scorpio-driven death/rebirth fashion.

Some of what we are processing is known to us, and we can move through this Venus retrograde with some awareness of what we are facing and integrating. That said, the sign of Scorpio is all about our capacity to hide, keep secrets, and allow for big chunks of our consciousness to sit in the underworld, just waiting for our willingness to take stuff on. I’m not concerned with what you are consciously working on; I trust that if you are reading this, then you are well indoctrinated with your own self-actualization and are ardently engaged in that process. It is the mysterious and unconscious part of what this month (or so) is bringing us that I wish to help you be more prepared for. And since we really can’t engage directly with what is happening below the surface, we can certainly – through affirmation and prayer as the most effective tools for this – declare our readiness to face anything and everything that needs to come up to be released with courage and a profound willingness to face uncomfortable moments in order that we might open to the next level of our development.

The last thing I want to focus on is the fixed grand cross that this Full Moon is creating with the Nodes of the Moon. A Full Moon is an opposition of energies with the Sun (consciousness) on one side and the Moon (unconscious) on the other. The Nodes are always an opposition of energies with the South Node (past) on one side and the North Node (future) on the other. The precision with which these two polarities are crossing each other at 90-degrees is quite remarkable, and for this astrologer, a thing of beauty. I am a purist, which means for something to grab my attention and want to speak into, the geometry has to be very exact. This grand cross/square is about as precise up to 7/60ths of a degree. Not half a degree. Not a quarter of a degree. A distance so slim, very little could slip through the imprecision of this moment.

Squares are conflicts and obstacles through which we grow. I have a colleague who recently renamed all of the angles for her version of astrology and she calls a Square a stepping stone. This is a lovely image that implies a) we are going somewhere definitive, b) getting there is not going to be easy, c) there is a way available to you, d) but to get there, you must move with focus, clarity, minimal distractions, and a bit of trust..oh yes, and you might fall. Okay, so now that we’ve made a Square seem a little less daunting, remember that a grand square or grand cross means there are four of these to deal with at the same time.

Grand crosses mean hard work and change is afoot. That the Sun and the Moon are involved means that though this is a difficult moment, it is built directly into the natural process of conscious awareness and unconscious mind in their monthly dance, and a Full Moon reveals much that is typically too dark and hidden to see. That Uranus is involved indicates that there is a high likelihood of very unexpected energy to potentially influence whatever you are experiencing; a true wild card. That Venus in her retrograde cycle is involved means there is a deep, profound, and much bigger process, happening. And the fact that the cross hairs of this experience include the two tremendously sensitive points that represent our movement from kharma to dharma, from past to future, makes the entire thing operate at a much higher level because it is taking this one little moment and dialing it directly into the arc of our entire lives, for that is the power of the Nodes.

I will close this with a version of a prayer that I offered to my daily readers and on Facebook about a week or so ago, because it speaks directly to the surrender that this moment is asking of us. “I open the channel between my mind and my heart, receiving guidance from all realms to assist in the integration that I am up to. I deepen my surrender to this process, allowing everything that must come up for my next level of healing to emerge from my unconscious without reservation. I allow the process that is unfolding to take me as deep as it needs to go. I am guided and protected by my own heart’s intelligence, and I receive wisdom from many sources, without and within.” Have at it.