The last Full Moon of the year hits tonight at 7:27pm PST, so for my readers in Europe and Africa, this is in your early Wednesday, and down under it hits its apex Wednesday afternoon. The Moon is in Cancer, the most emotional sign at the personal level, and it hits just as we are turning the year in the most profound moment on the planet that any of us have ever lived through. The Capricorn/Cancer polarity is all about the personal, inner emotional fitness you need to climb the mountain of your own personal ambitions. Cancer is about what we do behind the scenes, and the opposite sign of Capricorn is all about what we desire in the outside world. Cancer asks us who we are in our most private and intimate sense of self, such that we might accomplish the most we are capable of in terms of the gifts we bring to the world.

Capricorn is our strongest connection to the concept of Father God, and Cancer is where we receive the blessings of the Great Mother. In this way, the Cancer Full Moon is deeply spiritual, but also completely personal at the same time. On the personal level, Cancer energy asks us to be true to yourself, known your own emotional and self-care needs, and then provide them to yourself. Then we take that emotional fitness out into the world, and contribute what we have to offer. In the vulnerable and personally intimate spaces of Cancer, we may wish for life to be less challenging, and that may come up as a wish for things to go “back to normal.” This is not a moment for such a wish. There is no normal; there never was, it was always an illusion.

I love the timing, that a Full Moon, where we get to release things, is happening just before the turn of this profoundly transformational year. There has been so much pain, suffering, loss and grief associated with 2020, and Cancer’s connection to the Great Mother is capable of kissing all boo-boos and making the hurt disappear, but it goes further with this Full Moon. Venus and the South Node are Conjunct, and so our emotional body is connecting with the energetic point that carries our past, and the personal baggage we are attempting to transmute. All of the emotional challenges in this world gone mad are up for a potential release. The South Node is like the sceptic tank of consciousness, holding the shit we need to be free of until we are ready to have some of it cleaned out. Venus and the South Node is designed to do this with love.

Another release mechanism is in place with this Full Moon by virtue of the geometry between the Moon and Saturn and Jupiter, who are holding powerful space in the first degrees of Aquarius, where they will spend the year up ahead. Aquarius is where we build the new world, and the social planets crossing over to this territory signals that that process is rising up in earnest. The angle between the Cancer Moon and these to planets is the 150-degree Inconjunct, also known as the Great Eliminator. This subtle angle is my absolute favorite because, though it can reflect a challenging process, it is quite literally designed for us to change the track we are on, releasing an old way of moving through the world in favor of something new.

Chiron, the Great Healer, Squares this Full Moon, which means the healing can go deep, both in the direction of what we are consciously aware of (Sun) as well as what we cannot quite grok because it is unconscious (Moon). This is an uncomfortable transit, and this Full Moon may be profoundly emotional as a result. Stepping onto the spiritual path is not for the faint hearted; the work is mighty and can be daunting. As we drop into a moment of personal healing, we will all come out the other side more capable of healing others as we share the journey. This is truly a moment of put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others, if that oxygen mask is akin to a visit to your most tender and private spaces. Allow all the feels to rise up this week, and trust that as we dive into our deepest vulnerability, we are also preparing ourselves to meet next year with the strength and power we will need to begin the process of rebuilding the world, one woke person at a time.