The Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius hits this morning at 8:16am PST. It is fitting that we round the bend toward the end of the most transformative year we have ever lived through with a Total Solar Eclipse. It is even more fitting that the sign of the New Moon is Sagittarius, where we rise up to a higher sense of Truth, and believe that anything and everything is possible, as Sag is without question the most optimistic and promising signs of the zodiac. We can take on the world in this mansion, and the world we must take on is changing and morphing right before our very eyes. This is the New Moon where we must set personal intentions that are powerful enough to keep up with the demands of a world that needs us all to be bringing our best, no matter what.

Sagittarius is the sign ruled by Jupiter, the Great Expander. As the social planet that reflects all of the bounty and abundance available in life, this is the New Moon where we set intentions about how expansive we desire our lives to be. We then allow the power of those intentions to begin reshaping our experience, bringing the inner sense of Good that we have in our heart’s desire, and see that manifest in the outer world. This has been a hard year because so much has broken down and gone away, and while the most tumultuous energy of change may be behind us, we are not done by a long shot with the reinvention and reconstruction needed to begin reshaping the world we live in.

But no matter how you slice it, this final New Moon of this transformational year has tremendous importance for us as individuals stepping into a greater sense of what is possible, both personally and in the world at large. Uranus, the lightning flash planet known as the Great Awakener, is holding the agitated Sesqui-Square with this New Moon. Uranus, and his ruling sign of Aquarius, is all about waking up, and moving into the future led by innovation and inspiration. But this very uncomfortable geometry is quite destabilizing, so if you’ve been uneasy with the fast pace of change these days, use that agitation to know what may need your attention. We may want to take on the world in a Jupiter ruled New Moon, but this participation of Uranus can help direct your focus, if you don’t let anxiety, fear, and discomfort with the unknown future get in the way of your confidence and optimism that is the gift of Sagittarius.

Manifestation is something that is generated by thought, but fed and watered by feeling. You must think the thought of the new desire, and add the feeling sensation of what it would be like to have that thing already. This is where the magic happens. Additionally, if under the surface of your unconscious you do not feel that you deserve something that your conscious mind desires, you will never bring it into form, or if you do, you won’t be able to keep it, as the unconscious always wins. In this way, Venus in Scorpio is very helpful to us as we set our intentions in this New Moon. Generating feelings for your unconscious desires is easier when the planet that rules our emotional body is in the powerful sign of Pluto’s rulership. Pluto rules the shadow and has direct access to our unconscious as a result. Venus in Scorpio is in a productive and creative Sextile with Pluto (and Jupiter and Saturn as well, as the three are still hanging out together). In this way, our feeling mechanism is perfectly turned up to allow a deep feeling response to be easily associated and attached to the intentions we set at the moment, so allow those feelings to rise up as you move through this powerful eclipse.

Mercury is part of this New Moon as he is getting ready to meet up with the Sun over the next week, so what we put our mind to in this eclipse will be downloaded into our conscious awareness over the next week. As we move toward the powerful upcoming solstice, Mercury and the Sun will meet up at the last degree of Sagittarius and cross the threshold into Capricorn on the solstice together. In this way, our intention setting mechanism isn’t just activated in this New Moon, but our thinking and communication is engaged for this entire week, so keep those intentions close at hand and repeat and repeat and repeat as we close this year out. Part of the value of codifying your intentions in a written format is to be able to distill those desires into prayers and mantras that you can turn to long after the ritual of this moment is complete.

Mars, the planet of embodiment, is Trining this New Moon, so the intentions we set can directly dialed into the actions you will need to take in order to create what you desire. There is an old adage that faith without works is dead; in other words, you can have powerful desires, but without the footwork needed, how can you make and build the world that will support them? Mars in this position has legs, and will help us embody these new desires we are generating at the turn of the year. Mars in Aries is all fire, as is Moon and Sun in Sagittarius. Make sure to include fire in any ritual you do, and short of burning down the house, let this moment fire you up with passion and excitement about the year to come. We still have mighty work to do, and the world isn’t going to be any less overwhelming to us in 2021, though the timbre and sensation changes (check in with my 2021 forecast that is coming next weekend). But in some ways, the impetus into that new year starts with this New Moon.