Total Eclipse Wormhole August 2017 MP3 Recording!

There is a Grand Fire Trine in the air and this is going to be one of the most rockin’ eclipse seasons we’ve ever experienced, culminating in the first Total Solar Eclipse visible in North America in a number of decades. There are so many ways the movement of the planets are setting us up for deep and profound transformation during this wormhole (the period of time between the eclipses). I want you to have all the support you can possibly get!

The recording will be available on Sunday, July 23rd, in time for the New Moon that kicks off this powerful lunar cycle. You will receive an email with a link to download the recording right to your device. The investment is only $15, so order yours and be prepared for great transformation.

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I offer a daily subscription to offer inspiration and guidance from the astrological movement of the planets sent to your email box every day. These detailed posts are delivered at 9:00pm Pacific Time the night before so you can plan your day with the astrological weather at your fingertips.

It’s only $8 per month and not only will you get a daily description, I also send out periodic Dream Alerts when the transits are ripe for petitioning wisdom from the dream state and other special notices that are reserved just for my subscribing readers. Just click the button below to subscribe. You can see an example of a typical report at the bottom of this page.

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 7, 2017

Who would I be if it weren’t for hyperbole? I remember how much The Boy Who Cried Wolf impacted me as a child, and yet, here I am about to tell you that this is one of the most powerful Full Moons I’ve ever witnessed as an astrologer. It is significant in a very specific way with regard to a) choice and b) purification or release. As we move through life, it can often be so difficult to let go of ways we operate that truly don’t serve us. Our patterns are installed so deeply that, even when we are well aware of how much they interfere with our Joy and serenity, they can emerge again and again and cause us to suffer. We count on times like this where the Universe is in full support of us completely transforming how we move about our consciousness, and this Full Moon is such a moment.

Of course, we have to do the work. It isn’t magic, and in the lather/rinse/repeat sensibility of how Wisdom is accumulated, the emphasis is most certainly on the third directive. Shampoo bottles everywhere ought to be reprinted as to say, lather, rinse, and repeat-forever-in-a-relentless-fashion. Astrology maps out times when the Universe meets us on this journey with specific support to do the difficult. And one of the best uses of the lunar cycle is to respond to the movement of the cosmos with ritual.

What I love about ritual is that the unconscious mind does not know the difference between what is being created in our imaginations, and what is in the outside world. This is why it is so important to make sure your mind is consistently focused on what you want, as opposed to what you don’t want, and on gratitude over complaint. In the same way, when you ritualize what you are releasing and dropping down the side of the mountain as you ascend to higher levels of consciousness, the unconscious accepts that intention as absolute Truth.

I use this imagery because this Full Moon is ruled by Saturn, whose sign is Capricorn, the goat who climbs to the top of any mountain, where the summit is akin to the highest vantage point we can achieve in human form. The Sun is in Cancer, and so we are more aware right now about what our needs are, and are willing to go the extra step to make sure we are taking care of ourselves in the best way possible. Mercury (the Mind) and Venus (the Heart) are in perfect alignment (Sextile) to work together in their most effective way possible. This helps us choose where we’re going and guides of effectively in terms of how to get there. Mercury in Leo helps us be big and bold in our expression, and Venus is Gemini helps us stay in our Hearts, but still operate with our Mind that is, ultimately, the navigator.

But far and away, the most powerful element of this Full Moon is the placement of Pluto. He is Conjunct the Moon in Capricorn and this transit’s capacity to helps us release and leave behind that which no longer serves us has the supremacy of the Lord of the Underworld in tow. This alignment has helped shape this past month and make it as intense as it has been, and right now we get to see the benefit we have been cultivating. Conversely, if there is anything you have been hiding from yourself, it won’t likely stay hidden through this, because the doors to the basement where Shadow is kept are thrown wide open by the light of this Full Moon. One of the ways that Pluto always plays out his dynamic is through power and authority; who has it, who covets it, and who is projecting it onto someone else. This would be a good time to make sure that if you feel threatened in any interaction in your life, you look at your own part and remembering that Shadow always shows up first as an aversion for what someone else is bringing to the table.

And, of course, we get to choose how we respond to everything and how we decide to move forward. And the mechanism of big choice opportunities in astrology is best illustrated by the Finger of God, where two planets (or points) are operating in their most effective relationship – 60 degrees – and a third point splits the difference and creates an Opposition between them. The Sextile portion of this Finger of God is between the South Node and Saturn, the point that holds our past and our Kharma on the one hand, and the Lord of Kharma on the other. Talk about letting go of the past! And the Opposition point on the other side of the cosmos is the Sun in Cancer and Mars the Great Activator. By virtue of what we are now fully aware of (the Sun) and our willingness to put that into action (Mars) we can work effectively with our past (South Node) and step up to a higher level of discipline and responsibility (Saturn).

But remember that the Sun has ITS Opposition today, with the Moon and Pluto on the other side, halfway between the South Node and Saturn. This takes the way-pointing arrow of the Finger of God, and makes it like an arrow, with enough propulsion to shoot us forward into a whole new paradigm. This is like a Finger of God, on crack! It’s a tremendous lunation, and I urge you all to take full advantage of it. I have cleared my entire day and there isn’t anything that I am attending to that isn’t part of a Full Moon ritual. Even those activities that are obligatory can be reframed by you as intentional and ritualized, by virtue of how you approach them.
The exact timing of the Full Moon is 6:08pm PDT. Let every part of your day either be focused on recognizing the benefit you have been cultivating and harvesting (Gratitude), or acknowledging that which you are ready to release and be done with forever (Alchemy or Purification). All of the elements are so present during this Full Moon, it almost doesn’t matter which one you focus on; Fire, Water, Air and Earth are all well represented. That being said, Capricorn is an earth sign, so make sure that at some point today, your feet touch the Earth and remember that you and she are One.

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Daily Astro Alert Subscription! Daily Inspiration Emailed Right To Your Inbox!

I offer a daily subscription to offer inspiration and guidance from the astrological movement of the planets sent to your email box every day. These detailed posts are delivered at 9:00pm Pacific Time the night before so you can plan your day with the astrological weather at your fingertips.

It’s only $8 per month and not only will you get a daily description, I also send out periodic Dream Alerts when the transits are ripe for petitioning wisdom from the dream state and other special notices that are reserved just for my subscribing readers. Just click the button below to subscribe. You can see an example of a typical report at the bottom of this page.

June 20, 2017

Mercury pulls into the place where the Sun just was, activating the Kite Formation along with the other delightful patterns that are currently forming this month. The peak today involves Mercury and Uranus in a Sextile, and so we are inventive, inspired and facile with our intellect. Flexibility is key right now, because this connection between the archetype of the Mind and the Great Awakener is often responsible for sudden changes in direction; new ideas that cause us to do things differently, and to do so quite suddenly. If you have a notion (or one comes toward you) that seems outlandish this week, just go with it and see where it takes you.

This week’s big news is, of course, the Summer Solstice, that moment when we are basking in the most Light our consciousness has to offer. It is marked by the Sun crossing the demarcation of the zero-degree point of the sign of Cancer, which happens this evening at 9:25pm PDT (so tomorrow in EDT and points east). It is less of an event and more of a marker, but it is quite significant in our solar cycle, where this season could be considered the In Breath of the Planetary Being. In this way, anything that happens as we prepare to cross this threshold has great significance.

Yesterday, I caught you up with regard to the Neptune station, and the Inconjunct between he and Jupiter, the Great Expander. Jupiter is only days out of his recent retrograde and both of these planets are standing still in the sky where they are, which puts them in their most objective and powerful stance. Neptune, which rules our spiritual nature, is turned within, where he can do the most profound work on our inner experience. Jupiter has just turned around and is facing the outer world, where his capacity to create Abundance can finally start having some impact in the world of form. In the Great Eliminator angle, they are holding a pattern through which we are all invited to use our spiritual nature to drop absolutely EVERY limiting thought to what we are capable of producing in the world. This is a moment – by letting go of blocks – to step more into a sense of deserving, of actually receiving all that we can at this level of our development.

Therefore, it is quite a blessing that Venus in her home sign of Taurus (and earth sign very much connected to what we create here in the world of form) is creating a Finger of God with these two heavy hitters today. If you re-read yesterday’s post, you will notice that I wrote briefly about Venus and Taurus also in an Inconjunct, setting us up to let something go. Today, Venus pulls into the other geometry that creates a Finger of God, with a Sextile to Neptune. Our Hearts are in perfect alignment with our connection to Spirit. The Moon in Taurus drives this home to an even greater experience. Both the lower and upper octaves of Love are operating in great productivity, making this a wonderful day.

There is plenty of challenge built into the day that should balance things out from all of this extraordinary expansion. Firstly, any time we are faced with choices and forks in the road, we are subject to the grief that emerges when we leave things behind. Mercury Squaring Chiron will keep us plenty aware of anything that seems like it might hurt a bit. And an agitation between Mars and the Nodes means that as we move from the past and into the future (which all of these other transits are designed to help us do), this geometry assures us that the road will have plenty of bumps in it to remind us exactly how life works. We make our best choices when we are confronted with things that no longer serve us. Resistance is part of the mechanism, so stop judging how you resist. And then let the natural rhythm of contraction/expansion do its perfect work.

Mercury Conjuncts the Sun at zero degrees of Cancer tomorrow – tune back in for more on that with tomorrow’s post.

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Life Is But A Dream

We use the same word to describe the mystical phenomenon that happens during sleep and the aspirations that we hold for our unfolding lives. I had a dream. I have a dream. Additionally, we are told of a spiritual principle that invites us to view life itself as a dream, unfolding magnificently in a way that reflects the notion that anything can happen and probably will.

I have noticed that the idea of lucid dreaming is gaining more traction out there in the zeitgeist. When we become more consciously aware of our dreaming experience while we are sleeping, the more we can bring that conscious awareness to our dream-like waking life and the aspirations that we hold dear as we create our magnificent futures. I feel quite blessed to have devoted my practice to holding the dream as sacred and powerful. And never before has it been quite so clear that we must treat all three of these dream states with the exact same reverence.

There is a mystical text that most people in the Western world are quite familiar, even if they don’t recognize it as a mystical text. I committed it to memory when I was about three years old. It goes like this: “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream!” This may sound like I am trying to be funny or clever, but truly, this is a piece of wisdom that we all learned at a very young age and everything you need to know about how life works is held within these four lines.

As you might imagine, it is the last line that interests me the most, as life is indeed but a dream we are dreaming up as we go along our way. However, the entire piece can be interpreted to both understand the journey on a deep and profound level. At the same time, doing so can offer insight into the principles of interpretation that inform all of the work that I do in my own spiritual practice and that which I teach to others.

One of the most powerful tools in interpreting a symbol is the principle of implication. Much like a detective surveying a scene for clues, the landscape of an image offers an enormous amount of information. Firstly, we recognize that we are on a journey as represented by being in a boat on a stream. This is symbolic of how we are to move through life. It is, ultimately, a navigation of emotional territory for water represents the emotional body and a stream is a small current, individual-sized flowing of water, much like our individual selves. When we connected in large numbers, we form a river and we are all heading toward the ocean of the collective. When examined more closely, we are part of the ne3ver-ending cycle of water flowing, evaporating, being redistributed to flow again. The stream is the fluctuating path that our life is to take and the boat we are in connects to our individuated sense of self.

We are given an instruction right off the bat. We are to row. We do the rowing and we are to row our own boat. Not each other’s. Not someone else’s boat; just your own. Row YOUR boat. And there is going to be some effort involved. How do we know this? The instruction is repeated three times. Clearly, there is going to be some effort involved.

Now just in case we are overwhelmed by all that rowing, we are given a powerful qualification. Several in fact. The first one I’ll point out is that we are moving down stream. It won’t always feel like it, but we are to know that even when the going is the most strenuous, we are still going down stream. To me, this is akin to the principle that consciousness is always expanding and that everything that occurs happens for your benefit. Even when it looks like anything but this, the truth still remains. We are expanding at every moment of the journey. And it’s a gentle ride, which is a very clear suggestion to lighten up and go with the flow. Row gently. Stop fighting. Resistance is pointless. When it doubt, choose the gentle path.

And here is my favorite part. It’s supposed to be fun. We are told to do all that we do with a sense of merriment. This is such an important principle it is given a lot of emphasis. It is repeated four times; one more merrily than there are rows. That means no matter how hard it gets, it’s STILL supposed to be more joyful than effortful. It’s supposed to fun, so do everything you can to cultivate joy.

And of course, the best part of all. Life is but a dream. And what are the qualities of a dream? It is a magical landscape in which anything can happen and probably will. It is a time when we are profoundly creative, causing the seemingly impossible to happen just by using the power of our thought. It is a state in which we get to see our blatant humanity while simultaneously becoming acquainted with our precious divinity.

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Eclipse Wormhole and Mercury Retrograde MP3 Transmission Recording!

The eclipses are coming and right along with them is the next Mercury retrograde; both in the sign of Virgo. Jupiter is in Virgo and has been for the past year, paving the way for his capacity to bring expansion, abundance and prosperity with him. Venus is there right now too, and the three of them are gathering this week, giving us the message that Heart (Venus), Mind (Mercury) and Good Fortune (Jupiter) are all finally in alignment after a year of delays, challenges and lessons.

HOWEVER, Mercury turns around in a few days for a bumpy 21-day journey within. The very next day is the New Moon that heralds the beginning of the wormhole, that intense time between the two eclipses. September is going to be a potentially intense month, but one that is crucial in our process of manifesting the life we desire.
Purchase my MP3 recording to help guide you through this important threshold.

In it, you will discover the following:

What is happening in the Virgo Mansion and what it means.
The power of eclipses and Mercury retrogrades happening simultaneously.
Key dates of Mercury’s cycle to better prepare you for what’s coming.
A sign-by-sign description of how this year’s Virgo energy is affecting you personally.

For an investment of only $20, you will get this 60 minute MP3 file right to your email. You will receive your recording within 24-hours of purchase, in most cases right away. Act now and get the guidance, wisdom and information you need to make the most out of the cycles right up ahead.

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A Note About Orlando

This is one of the biggest weeks, astrologically speaking, of this entire year. If you were to read back over my daily posts posts throughout this time (see Daily Astro Alerts for info about my daily subscription), you would absolutely recognize in my words an enormous sense of hope and delight in the expansion of consciousness that is happening RIGHT NOW.

And then we are asked to do the near-impossible. Our world demands that we incorporate into this idea of things getting bigger and better something so senseless and tragic. How could a world so filled with Good contain something so Evil? Does this terrible act mean that we are wrong to say that consciousness is unfolding toward more Light?

Remember that when the Light increases, the Shadow becomes long, sharp and very very clear. And so here we are, basking in the ever-increasing Light and there is the Shadow, revealing itself with a clarity that grows exponentially. Each of us has a role in moving toward and dissolving that Shadow. I believe that it happens for the Planetary Being at the level of the individual and so I devote my entire life to that process. I do this because I know who I Am.

Your job is to find your way and do it. Do it publically. Or privately. In the classroom, or perhaps at the grocery store. Possibly you usher in Peace for Humanity in the pages of your journal, or maybe you turn your pen toward writing your congressperson. Maybe you are an activist who shouts words of protest at the top of your lungs, or it could be that you are the sensitive empath who stays home and weeps for the pains of a world gone mad.

THERE IS NO ONE WAY TO DO THIS. And there is no escaping your responsibility to find your way and do it with all your might. When in doubt, start right where you are, inside your own consciousness where your Heart and Mind are probably still at war with each other. Find Peace there, and it will reflect out into the world and begin to bring it on a global level; incrementally and irrevocably over time.

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Summer Solstice 2016 – Downloadable MP3 Recording!

The Summer Solstice is coming and this year it is accompanied by a rare second Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. If that weren’t enough, there are three MAJOR planetary transits that are exact on the very same day. This is an unprecedented moment in the course of 2016 and it bears taking notice in a very conscious manner.

So much is going on this year and it is all happening in layers and increments, with retrograde after retrograde causing delays, and things unfolding in anything but a linear course. This download will ground and help navigate you in this very powerful month and in the months to come. Some of the topics covered in this 60-minute MP3 recording are:

  • The expansion from Jupiter and the North Node!
  • Pluto in Capricorn Trining Jupiter and the North Node, creating yet MORE change.
  • A Mutable Grand Cross, an exact Square in the cosmos implying endings and yes, more change!
  • Mars completing his retrograde cycle!
  • Powerful New Moons in August and September!
  • Crucial Mercury Retrograde cycle in Virgo in September!

This transmission will fully explain all of the energy connected with this year’s solstice, but also tie in significant transits during July, August and September. Don’t miss this opportunity to be supported during this intense time. The investment is only $19.95 and your MP3 will be emailed to you within 24-hours, in most cases within minutes. Order yours today!

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Daily Astro Alerts

Twice a year in the space between the eclipses, I make my Daily Astro Alerts available to my general mailing list. You can receive this information on a daily basis delivered right to your email by subscribing to my Daily Astro Alerts below. The exchange is only $8 a month and after this month, that price is going to increase. Sign up now to enjoy this daily download of Wisdom based on the astrological transits of the day at the current low price. Emails are delivered at 9:00pm Pacific Time the night before. Here is an example of what you can expect:

March 21, 2016

The Moon is still in Virgo so the perspective that I described yesterday that this archetype is the one responsible for integration of new information and expanding wisdom applies to today as well. In fact, even more so today, because the lunar aspects include a Conjunction to Jupiter and a Trine to Pluto. If you look back to the post for March 16th, you will see how much emphasis this particular passage has by virtue of the connection between these two planets by Trine. That enormous energy is triggered by the Moon which makes today, though otherwise somewhat quiet, fairly important in the scheme of things. We are changing at very deep levels and expanding in hidden ways that will reveal themselves in the months to come. There may be some progress in those narratives for some of us today, whether they are obvious or not (many things right now are happening behind the scenes.

There is another importance to that day through the principle of rulership. Mercury, the planet that is the archetype of the Mind, has rulership over two signs; Gemini and Virgo. What this means is that any time the Moon is in either of these air signs, there is more emphasis placed on what Mercury is doing, if anything. At 5:30pm PDT this evening, Mercury will cross the same birth canal threshold between Pisces and Aries that the Sun traversed yesterday.This passage is an important part of the wormhole that we are in building to Wednesday’s eclipse and it carries even more weight because this change of signs happens under the light of the Virgo Moon. We are giving birth to a new landscape; a new Self, a new world. We all have an enormous responsibility in this to know who we are the gifts that we bring so that we can impact the world at this time of crisis.

Remember that there was a rare configuration of Mercury, the South Node and Chiron, all at the 22nd degree of Pisces back on March 17th. That began a process of diving into the depths (Pisces) for information (Mercury) that is part of our healing (Chiron) and processing the past (South Node) that is leading us toward a great releasing as part of the Full Moon on Wednesday. Mercury is the guidance system and when he moves out of the watery realm of Pisces and into the fiery charge that is Aries, he is likely to be bringing with him some valuable guidance, inspiration and information with him. Starting tonight and tomorrow, look for insights, flashes and material designed to help you do just that.

It’s a big week, with Wednesday being the pinnacle of what has been a pretty intense passage. Let the next few days guide you; keep your eyes and ears wide open.

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March 2016 Eclipse Wormhole MP3 Recording – Get Your MP3 Recording Today!

TOTAL Solar Eclipse March 8th!
Lunar Eclipse March 23rd!

The first round of eclipses are coming and this coming wormhole is truly one of the most important passages of our time. Jupiter’s placement in Virgo is not only a game changer in terms of helping us manifest the life of our desires, his EXACT opposition to the total Solar Eclipse in just a few days is wildly fortuitous. How you approach your life during these next weeks could have an enormous impact on your future, so make sure you are well prepared.

Download this 50-minute recording and allow me to usher you this spectacular moment. The MP3 will be delivered right to your email within 24-hours of your purchase and will feature important dates as well as a sign-by-sign impact description so that you can know exactly how these crucial astrological events are going to be hitting you personally. The exchange is only $19.95, so order yours today!
This 50-minute recording will feature:

A sign-by-sign description of how this eclipse season is likely to impact you directly!
An explanation of eclipses and what is possible during this cycle!
Key dates that mark shifts and important moments to be aware of!

For an exchange of only $19.95 you will receive your downloadable MP3 recording in a direct email within 24 hours of purchase (likely sooner!). Purchase yours today by clicking on the link below. Once you place your order, simply wait for the download to come to you by email.

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